Movement / walking / physical activity gives a good spirit and cheerful mood

People need some form of daily movement throughout life. Due to lack of movement, blood and lymph stagnate, muscles and tendons weaken, mood decreases and body weight increases. This puts a strain on the joints.

  1. Morning gymnastics composed of 10 minute exercises — a few simple arm and leg stretching exercises give you all-day energy.
  2. Exercise during the day – do 5-10 forward bends a day. Then do 20 inclines to the right and left and 10 inclines backwards. Take a deep breath after this exercise. Squat a few times, keeping your back straight if possible.
  3. Do a few abdominal exercises during the day if possible – holding your hands behind your head from a lying position to a sitting position.
  4. Take a walk every day is especially important pre-evening walks / movements. This exercise calms and relaxes. Contributes to good digestion. During the walk, do an exercise for better muscle work – walk in places where there are ascents or slopes. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the back and legs.
  5. Use stairs – do 20-30 steps a day for the overall health of the organism.
  6. Deliberately drop some objects from your hand: for example, a box of matches. Pick up matches from the floor in multiple attempts. Bend down for each group of matches separately.
  7. Using any form of movement strengthens the joints and the whole organism. The recovery of the joint is faster the closer the joint is to the end of the arm or leg. Medicine says that ankle injuries heal faster and lead to arthritis more easily and less often than damage (knees, arms or pelvis).

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