Recommendations for reading

“Restless Blood” – is the latest crime novel by Robert Galbraith, whose main characters are the atypical detective Cormoran Strike and his sexy assistant Robin Ellacot. The real author of this novel is the mother of the enchanting Harry Potter wizard, Joanne K. Rowling. Joanne K. Rowling is today probably the richest writer in the world whose income can be compared to that of the British Queen.

Ten Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World (by Fareed Zakaria) – Ten Lessons for the World After the Pandemic Fareed Zakaria, a prominent CNN journalist, is not a mere journalistic review of the greatest crisis humanity has faced since World War II. The book, written in the midst of a pandemic, Ten Lessons, may seem like a prime example of a quick journalistic reaction, which it certainly is, but it is much more than that. Zakaria’s erudition, analyticalness and critique when it comes to global political and economic developments are features expected of a world-renowned author, but his knowledge of medicine and the simplicity and clarity with which he described the genesis of the pandemic are particularly impressive. We have been living with viruses since time immemorial in this dangerous world and they really are not the only and most terrible threat. Zakaria also warns of populism, climate change, the uncertainties of the digital age, American-Chinese rivalry … In her Ten Lessons for the World After the Pandemic, she looks back at the eternal dilemma between state interventionism and the free market. According to Zechariah, this dilemma is not ideological, but practical in nature. There are situations in which state interventionism is desirable and necessary, and such is precisely the pandemic crisis, and there are periods when the market should be allowed to generate growth. These and similar doubts are shackled by dogmas and the overall picture of the world in Ten Lessons for the World After the Pandemic is bleak, perhaps frightening, but Zakaria reminds us – with no pathos – that there is hope, that as a human race we are still capable of feats, that rational and moral imperatives have not lowered their flags because, as the tenth lesson says, “Sometimes the greatest realists are idealists.”
“Zakaria seems to be the most intellectually knowledgeable commentator in the West.” – David M. Shribman, Boston Sunday Globe
“With her playful style and picturesque examples, Zakaria does not deal with the general points of left and right politics. Ten lessons are a wise, instructive and thoughtful story about the new world that is emerging. ” – Josef Joffe, New York Times
“Extremely original and supported book. After you read it, your view of the world will be different. ” – Timothy Noah, Washington Post
“The wise and insightful comments of Fareed Zakaria should be read by statesmen around the world. Ten Lessons is a kind of masterpiece. Read this book if you want to know what happened, what will happen and what should happen. ” – Jason Burke, Guardian
“Zakaria’s provocative book deals with many topics and is really worth reading. His arguments are based on an excellent knowledge of history and political philosophy, on erudition as a rarity today. ” – John B. Judis, Foreign Affairs
“Rarely does a young author and journalist possess such prophetic intuition, complete clarity of expression, and such inspired eloquence.” – Claude Lewis, Philadelphia Inquirer


“Profession du pere” (by Sorj Chalandon) – is a powerful and powerful novel, full of impressive images, in which shadows mix with light, tragedy with comedy. By depicting the terrible figure of a father obsessed with the fall of French colonial power, the writer releases the tears of his childhood.

Chalandon is a brilliant novelist who deserves to be better known abroad.

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