The winter months are ideal for educating gardeners

The winter period of the year for gardeners is not a state of inactivity, but a rest of the garden until the new season. Most gardeners plant some plants and vegetables during this period (winter salads, garlic are ideal). At that time, the garden should be nurtured and fertilized with the right fertilizers or substrates. If you are not a fan of pruning, then the garden should be well mulched in at least one part. You can prepare the soil in several ways and also learn what is best for the garden. If you are a beginner and want to know more before the papers, now is the right time to purchase literature.
For a specific search for literature, you need to know your own wishes and ideas regarding the garden and gardening. The literature on gardening is diverse (from organic, permacultural, biodynamic to the classical way of gardening, from growing vegetables, spices, ornamental plants). For a beginner, the best combination is a little bit. The most important thing is checked seeds, and not to treat either the soil or seedlings.The time spent in the garden works is a break from everyday life and joy in every successful cultivation.Fail encourages new attempts, and so from season to season.
The beginning and foundation is to have a small “bed” or piece of land on which a beginner can plant plants / vegetables as desired. This knowledge is the foundation and the beginning, but all new experiences and literature are upgraded from year to year.
Before the gardening season and the start of work, you should prepare, find the ideal literature, according to the possibilities of your garden, ie whether you have a piece of land or plan to garden on the balcony and terrace. You can find these books in several bookstores. They cover a really wide area of ​​knowledge that will come in handy for anyone who likes to “scramble” the earth!
Biodynamic Gardening Book (by Monti Waldin) – The biodynamic approach is in line with nature and the thesis that we give back more to the earth than we take from it.
1001 Ways to better Gardener (by Pippa Greenwood) – A guide from garden planning to individual planting and plant care.

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