Vienna is a very beautiful city in the spring

The journeys we know have been put on a long pause. Rare enthusiasts these days decide to go to other countries and regions. Those who embarked on the adventure of traveling in the age of the corona virus will have unforgettable experiences. Other people need to be patient and wait for the days when they will hopefully travel as they once did. Today we are traveling in a completely different way, virtually and thanks to social networks as we wait for those opportunities and the end of the pandemic. Today, most of the dear cities and countries we experience are absorbed through photographs.
One of the cities that is full of tourists all year round is certainly the Austrian capital Vienna. You can see beautiful photos of this city on the Instagram profile @thissoz, run by a young resident of Vienna. It thus represents to us the Austrian capital in beauty and luxury.
Vienna through the eyes of profile @thissoz is a blend of impressive architecture, beautiful nature (especially in spring when everything in Vienna’s famous gardens blooms), sights to visit when visiting Vienna, the culture of traditional Viennese cafes and new hipster places opening up around the city. Vienna is a large and exciting melting pot that offers guests something new and opens up new vistas every time they visit. Instagram profile @thissoz perfectly conveys that emotion through numerous shots spontaneously captured from the streets of Vienna.

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