Alex’s sacrifice is a reminder to the world that without a free, united, independent, sovereign state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is no free and democratic world (01 March 2021-Independence Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Hero, humanist and righteous Alexander Langer (a member of the German national minority in the Italian province of South Tyrol, ie AltoAdige / Court of Tyrol) will posthumously be awarded the highest recognition of the City of Sarajevo on April 6, 2021. Alexander Langer made a fundamental contribution to inclusion and society. diversity is a wealth, not a barrier.
“Forgive me, but I can’t do it anymore! Bosnia was killed, Alex is leaving too.” With these words, Alexander Langer, European parliamentarian, journalist, writer, peace activist, respected fighter for democracy, said goodbye on July 3, 1995. Langer was first and foremost a great man and a great friend of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 23 years after the untimely death of a righteous man and an idealist who committed suicide due to the injustices of the whole world and the lack of empathy towards Bosnia and Herzegovina. Alexander Langer could no longer watch the years of aggression, genocide, concentration camps, rapes, massacres and killings of innocent and unarmed civilians, women and children and all the suffering of one state and innocent people in the heart of Europe. With his life and sacrifice, Alexander Langer warned the little moral world that a statocide of unprecedented proportions was being carried out over Bosnia and Herzegovina and an attempt to assassinate the state (which had nothing to defend itself from aggressors due to the arms embargo).
“In Alex, apparently, the desire to leave prevailed, then when he realized that the polarization between his idealism and cruel reality became an insurmountable obstacle for him as an incorrigible European righteous man,” one of Langer’s friends and fellow citizens said at a funeral in his native Bolzano. The media at the time carried a note from the then President of the European Parliament, Hlaus Hansch, who stated, among other things:
“I had the opportunity and pleasure to know a true fighter for human rights, equality and democracy. Langer entered this struggle with extraordinary energy and emotion, which caused admiration among his colleagues. But he was and left dissatisfied with the current situation and politics. which he desperately wanted to innovate ”.
Alexander Langer gave his best to find out the truth about Bosnia and Herzegovina, the truth about besieged Sarajevo, destroyed Mostar, weeping Tuzla, dead Srebrenica. Unfortunately, Alexander Langer was the only European parliamentarian who came to wartime Sarajevo three times. For the first time in October 1993. “Numerous initiatives for ending the suffering of the people of BiH, as well as efforts to achieve a just peace” are tied to his name, as it is written in the telegram of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights. Langer has repeatedly launched an initiative for more decisive EU action for a just end of the war in the former Yugoslavia.
And less than a month before his death, at the session of the European Parliament, in the second week of June 1995, Langer was among those who loudly shouted from Strasbourg that “Europe will die in Sarajevo.” He said that membership in the European Union should be a kind of motive for all countries of ex-Yugoslavia, and that “we must continue to work with Croats and Muslims and show them that the door to unity is always open,” but also an argument for Serbs to stop the war. policy “.
He joined the action of the Transnational Radical Party in collecting signatures for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s accession to the EU. Even then, Langer took part in demonstrations due to the inefficiency of the EU in stopping the bloodshed in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
In April 1995, Langer and Jose Maria Mendiluce proposed that the Declaration on a Free and United Sarajevo be declared an official document of the European Parliament.
Explaining this proposal at the time, these Members of the European Parliament visited that “Europe has proved to be divided and powerless, but perhaps an accomplice to divisions and ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. The European Parliament then supports and makes its Declaration on a Free and United Sarajevo and “stands by the citizens of the Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital in defense of the principles of democracy, justice and coexistence.”
Earlier, in November 1994, at the conference “Can there be a Europe without multi culture”, which said that “Bosnia bothers many”, Langer will say that the credibility of the European spirit and European democracy today is largely in the hands of democratic people. in Bosnia and Herzegovina”.
After 25 years since his death, in July 2020, the Italian Embassy in Sarajevo has the honor to inform that Alexander Langer was posthumously declared an honorary citizen of Sarajevo for promoting peace and reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.The most important recognition of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. in honor of the Day of the City of Sarajevo, which is celebrated on April 6 every year, when the awards of the City are officially presented. The title of honorary citizen was awarded in recognition of Alexander Langer’s outstanding commitment to peace in the former Yugoslavia and especially to the city of Sarajevo .Alexander Langer was the most engaged European figure, an advocate of dialogue and reason versus the brutality of force.
The decision of the City of Sarajevo arrived in the week in which Alexander Langer would turn 75. (Fondazione Alexander Langer)

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