The future is already with us

Today, people are forced to adapt incredibly quickly to the extremely demanding and far-reaching consequences unfolding behind the scenes of the digital revolution. Most people working in small or large systems spend the last few months working from home. We would all probably give a rather pessimistic perspective to the question posed a few years ago about how likely it is that a pandemic will happen in the world in our lifetime. The changes are, therefore, already there. With the changes came a new era that will very much reflect on the future of the labor market. The unstoppable development of technology will change the needs of employers. Some occupations will go down in history. Other and new occupations will be adapted to the reality in which we live. It will continue to develop following the latest technological and scientific advances. An example of a “data scientist position” is the job that the prestigious Harvard Business Review has declared the most desirable job in the century in which we live.
5 occupations that will be sought after and popular in the future
Data scientist – is a profession declared the most desirable in the future by one of the world’s most prestigious universities. Data scientists are primarily people who navigate well between computer science, statistics, and mathematics while sovereignly mastering the social sciences. Namely, they are people that managers resort to when they are overwhelmed by a large strategic project based on insight into rather complex figures. Data scientists will find order in even the most endless systems. They will be able to read future trends that could be useful to a company from a series of seemingly arbitrary statistics.
An expert in ethics and green policies – one of the most important topics that arise in the conversation about the future is certainly environmental protection, sustainable development and the fight against climate change. Most large companies that are keeping to themselves are already preparing the ground for legal frameworks that will certainly in the future significantly more strictly regulate the way business is done and the trace that an industry leaves on the environment. master all the necessary knowledge necessary for the transition to a more sustainable future. In addition, most companies, in addition to their environmental responsibility, are beginning to realize their social responsibility. Therefore, in the future there will be a great need for people who will know how to direct the resources of the companies they work for in the right direction in order to contribute to the development of society as a whole.
Robotics experts — many industries, including medicine — already make extensive use of smart robots in their regular work. In the years to come, this technology will certainly develop the fastest – as current trends already show anyway – so engineers in this profession will be a hot commodity.
An artificial intelligence expert — although many of us equate robotics experts with artificial intelligence experts, and while the two areas may indeed be very closely related, the fact is that this is a profession that will dominate the job market in the near future. In the US alone, demand for this type of expert increased by 74 percent in 2015, and this trend is on the rise. And if you think artificial intelligence is something unreal that we saw in the apocalyptic movies of the 80s, then it gets nasty cheat. We all already use artificial intelligence on a daily basis. For example, a face recognition system that unlocks your smartphone? Autonomous cars? Content recommendation? And that’s just the beginning. A future without artificial intelligence will not be feasible.
An expert in mobile application development – in the time we live in, it is almost unthinkable to survive with the help of smartphones. One of the key reasons why this is so lies in the strength of the applications we use, and this job requires a very specific type of developer who approaches each new project with a user experience in mind. Mobile applications, therefore, become an integral part of any digital transformation project. Let’s just take as an example all those useful applications that we talked about in the introduction, and without which the comfortable life we ​​lead today would not be possible. Namely, these experts are largely responsible for the development of applications with which we pay bills, drive cars or gain some new knowledge. An ideal example of this is telecoms and their services, which we can now fully manage through applications. For example, the Telecommunication application is used by millions of people with which they can pay bills, track consumption, change tariffs, buy vouchers and options, etc., and also use special benefits and discounts on devices. Before, it was really unthinkable that we would be able to do all this from our own phone. Providing the best digital experience through making people’s everyday lives easier has become an absolute imperative company today. Applications and the people who work on the applications contribute significantly to that.

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