Marigold, hawthorn, chamomile and garlic for a healthy and long life

Marigold, hawthorn, chamomile and garlic are in the service of preserving health and preventing the virus – say herbalists and phytotherapists. There is great value to the plants that grow all around us. Willow tea, for example, contains almost all vitamins. Instead of ordinary salt, sea salt and unrefined vegetable oil should be used – say herbalists. Aspartame contains in almost all industrial foods. Aspartame is considered to be the most dangerous sweetener of the modern age. It is used in about 6,000 food products.

  1. Marigold, hawthorn, garlic and chamomile-should be included in the daily diet. These herbs are a great substitute for synthetic vitamins.
  2. People who have an ulcer should take one leaf of buckthorn every day.
  3. Dogs and cats eat couch grass in the spring – if they vomit it means that the body is cleansed of toxins. The Couch grass is the most important medicinal plant. It contains silicon, which retains calcium, so people are protected from arthritis, arthrosis and gastritis. Cook a bunch of young couch grass for 10 minutes. Drink that water. The couch grass is then cooked in the soup. It is an excellent remedy for the elderly population. Because calcium in tablets is not enough.
  4. Drink that cures allergies – add 3 drops of iodine to half a glass of milk. Drink this drink for 3 weeks. The great military leader Napoleon gave iodine to soldiers because iodine deficiency causes dementia. Iodine deficiency is also the cause of many problems (irritability, depression, forgetfulness, poor memory, frequent headaches, colds and infectious diseases).
  5. Oats with homemade milk is an excellent lung cleanser. Oats cooked in water are an excellent liver cleanser. Then continue to use oats as a meal for at least another 3 weeks.
  6. Imported food should be used a maximum of 10% of the total food intake. Because every person should eat mostly the food / food of the climate in which they live. When a person eats a lot of food that is not from that climate then even the organism cannot adapt to that climate completely. That is the basic law of nature.
  7. It is not good to consume too much white pastry / bread. Because this bread contains much less nutrients than rye. Try to eat more whole grain pastries / bread.
  8. The sweetener aspartame is 200 times sweeter than sugar and is contained in chewing gum, carbonated drinks. Possible complications that aspartame brings are reduced intelligence, frequent headaches, nausea, depression, abdominal pain, blurred vision, excitement, unstable gait, obesity, joint damage. Every person should be moderate in the food / drink they consume.

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