A bird house is an ornament and a place where birds build nests


Small wooden bird houses are a beautiful decoration and a place where birds will build nests. It is not difficult to make a bird house although one can already find bird houses already made. Sufficient material is a little fir and spruce. The bird house is ideal for titmouses, sparrows, woodpeckers, flycatchers, brown beetles and thumbs. The bird house should be set up outside sometime during the winter, so that it can be used during the warmer months.


15 tips for people who want to build and set up a bird house:

  1. A bird house is a small bird house. Birds build a nest in such houses, protected from the weather and unwanted guests. Due to the destruction of natural habitats, birds lack nesting sites.
  2. By tearing down old trees and rebuilding houses, the natural cavities that birds use to build nests are disappearing. Therefore, by building simple wooden houses, we help birds to nest. This provides the birds with an ideal place for the most important annual activity (feeding the young).
  3. The birds will fill the small wooden house with a nest in the spring. The bottom will be stacked with plant material that will form a basket for laying eggs. Some birds line the nest with collected hair and feathers to keep the young warmer and more comfortable.
  4. All these parts of the bird are brought into the house one by one through a circular opening on the front (the most important part of the bird house). Accelerated traffic through the small window takes place even after the birds hatch from the eggs. Parents constantly bring fresh food.
  5. After all the birds grow up and fly out of the house, the birds have no need to return to the house. He will be ready to wait until next year.
  6. A special design is intended for small species of secondary burrows (birds that nest in burrows), but birds cannot dig them out on their own.
  7. The size, shape, material and diameter of the window determine which birds will settle in the house. Small wooden houses will be attractive to arbors, sparrows, woodpeckers, flycatchers, brown beetles and thumbs.
  8. The type of bird that will inhabit the house also depends on the height at which the house is set. Important factors are the proximity of the forest, the surrounding vegetation and lighting. We do not put food in the house because it is not intended for feeding birds. There are feeders that differ significantly in appearance from bird houses.
  9. There are a few guidelines to follow when setting up a house. A good place for a house is where it will not be directly exposed to the sun, where it is not within reach of the paws of curious pets and where there is a natural shelter in the form of a tree canopy or shrub. The house can be placed on a tree or on a wall. The tree house needs to be placed on the trunk. The house on the wall needs to be placed under the canopy. Two small holes in the rear extended board are provided for pulling wire or nails with which the house can be fastened. The house needs to be fixed so that the wind does not sway it. The time to set up the house should be before the nesting season, ideally before March, so that the birds can find the house ready.
  10. A house like this does not require much care. Just make sure it is in a convenient location and check for any intruders before the birds arrive. In the fall, it is necessary to remove the used nest. The house should be cleaned of plant debris so that it does not rot over the winter. If desired, the house can be repainted or painted to extend its lifespan. A piece of cardboard can be placed on the roof of the house, over the folds, to ensure that no water enters.
  11. Take into account whether there is a danger of predators. Domestic cats are the biggest problem for birds in urban areas, so they should be denied access to the house. The easiest way to prevent cats is to drive two nails into the roof and into the side, which are connected with wire, so the roof cannot be opened.
  12. We will know that a pair of birds has taken over the house by constantly bringing in nest-building material. From the moment the birds start building the nest until the birds fly out of it we need to ensure the privacy of the birds.
  13. While the construction of the house is in progress, it is not desirable to open the roof of the house. We can only do this later to make sure everything is in order. Not more often than twice a week.
  14. It’s not good to peek into a house unless you notice something unusual. Watch your new tenants from a safe distance.
  15. It is advisable to warn other passers-by not to disturb the birds using the bird house.








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