Amazon is offering customers three new products

photo: Amazon

The American company Amazon presented to customers three new Alexa products: a smart printer for self-adhesive papers, a nutritional scale and an alarm clock. This technology giant will deliver these products to customers only if there are enough reservations in advance to buy.
Amazon’s new program called “Make it” gives customers the main word when it comes to what needs to be created and sold next.

Amazon will know the information about the demand for new products in the next 30 days. If there is enough interest, they will release the products for sale. If there are not enough interested buyers – the products will not be put into production. If Amazon receives enough orders and reservations, the products will start arriving on the doorsteps in the summer.
In this way, customers could help Amazon launch a large number of products in the future and not waste time on products that are not in demand.
These three products were designed by engineers from Amazon.

  1. Self-adhesive paper printer – costs $ 89.99 and can print shopping lists, reminders, calendars, etc.
  2. A home scale costs $ 34.99 and allows customers to measure 200 calories of blueberries. It also provides nutritional information on thousands of products.
  3. An alarm clock costs $ 79.99 with a cowardly bird popping out of the clock. The alarm clock has speakers and an alarm.
    Alexa is, by the way, the name for software that has the role of a personal assistant developed by Amazon. Alexa is known as Alexa Echo and echo dot. The main function is a vocal interaction with which Alexa can play the desired music, say what time it is, what the weather is like and all that in real time. The device may also interact with devices compatible with this device.

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