10 healthy foods to cook and eat smart

Healthy foods and healthy foods often need to be both eaten and cooked smarter to leave good consequences for people’s health.
Green buds kill more people than venomous snakes. Bilosi say that mushrooms and champignons can also be poisonous if chosen incorrectly. Because fungi tend to accumulate toxic substances. The older the fungus, the higher the concentration of toxic substances in such a fungus. It is not safe to cook too ripe mushrooms that have already started to decay. They are very dangerous products of protein breakdown. They can be a cause of poisoning. The risk is not great for consuming one such mushroom. The risk is great if such older mushrooms are eaten frequently and in large quantities. Experienced mushroom pickers know that there are conditionally edible mushrooms that require special processing. Solid morel and birch milkweed need to be soaked first, for example. Cook these 2 types of mushrooms for several hours, changing the cooking water several times.
Red beans-each variety of this plant has its own characteristics. Red beans contain a large amount of phytohemoglutinin. This dangerous substance makes human cell membranes sensitive and resistant to other toxins. Soaking red beans for 7 to 9 hours resolves phytohemoglutinin from beans. Change the water in which you put the beans after 7-9 hours. Cook the dish for at least an hour and a half.
Tomato-contains the natural pesticide solanine (necessary for the plant to fight fungi). This substance is dangerous for people because it causes nausea, vomiting or sometimes hallucinations. Solanine is found only in green tomatoes. The amount of poisonous substance decreases to an acceptable level after the fruit ripens. For people who like to make sour green tomatoes and use them as a salad, doctors advise them to wait until the fruit gets a milky tint (when it is no longer dangerous to humans).
Potatoes contain solanine in much larger quantities than tomatoes. If the potatoes have a greenish color at the ends – do not use such potatoes at all. And do not buy / consume all other vegetables that are greenish at the ends – doctors say. The green color is a sign that the concentrations of solanine in the vegetables have exceeded the allowed (harmless) level.
Homemade canned food – sometimes botulinum toxin is found in glass jars in which we keep sour vegetables for the winter. This substance causes botulism – a dangerous disease that affects the nervous system. In severe cases, it leads to paralysis, respiratory arrest and fatal outcome, doctors say. Botulinum toxin is produced in a warm environment in the absence of oxygen. This means that canned meat or vegetables become a great “home” for this bacterium. Therefore, never open / use a swollen can.
Walnut is a favorite snack of most people who want to stay slim and fit. This plant is good for health. However, raw walnuts contain the organic toxin “urushiol”, which can cause an allergic reaction. The raw walnuts we normally buy in grocery stores aren’t exactly raw. They are processed in a special way and do not contain a lot of toxins.
Oysters do not eat this dish every day, although it is not a rare dish. Doctors warn that this dish can sometimes be deadly. Some of these seafood contain Vibrio bacteria causing vibriosis. This bacterium can lead to septic shock and even death – doctors / medical experts advise.
Meat, milk and eggs – and these foods can be a time bomb. This group includes meat and milk because they contain a lot of hormones and antibiotics. Antibiotics that pump meat are part of the “growth hormone” for increased livestock rates. These preparations are used for heat treatment and sterilization to increase the shelf life of the product. A person who uses this food often develops drug resistance and develops allergic reactions. Hormones in meat, milk and eggs are the cause of metabolic disorders, diabetes and infertility, doctors say. Man ages faster and shortens life expectancy — under the influence of these hormones. Growth hormone activates the development of all cells, including tumor cells. These cells begin to divide rapidly, resulting in malignant and benign tumors, medical experts say.

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