10 types of foods that are not desirable to eat on an empty stomach

Some of the foods are actually harmful for an empty stomach.
Citrus-oranges, tangerines and lemons can cause an allergic reaction and gastritis. That is why it is not desirable to eat this fruit on an empty stomach. It is desirable to eat oatmeal and after half an hour citrus or citrus juice.
Bananas – contain a lot of magnesium, which adversely affects the work of the cardiovascular system. Excessive intake of this fruit on an empty stomach leads to disorders of magnesium and calcium in the body, which leads to heart disease.
Raw vegetables – contain acids that irritate the gastric mucosa. Doctors therefore do not recommend consuming tomatoes, radishes or cabbage on an empty stomach. This is especially true for people who already have gastrointestinal diseases. Tomato provokes the formation of gallstones (due to the high content of pectin and tannic acid). Pears and Japanese apples cause the same problems.
Cold drinks – in the morning it is good to drink a glass of water on an empty stomach – nutritionists advise. However, it is not desirable to drink cold water from the refrigerator, nutritionists say. Cold liquid leads to narrowing of the stomach vessels, which makes local blood circulation and the digestion process difficult. An iced drink can cause complications for sick people with digestive tract problems. Disrupt the menstrual cycle in women.
Yogurt-morning yogurt or kefir are not so harmful but are useless. Consuming yogurt on an empty stomach means that good probiotic bacteria end up in an acidic environment and die quickly without reaching the gut. Therefore, it is not advisable to drink fermented dairy products on an empty stomach. In the morning, the body does not need the help of yogurt bacteria. It is better to drink yogurt or kefir 2-3 hours after lunch or during the evening.
The pancreas is not able to produce the required amount of insulin during the morning. An overdose of sugar burdens the pancreas, which then “works” at its limit. Doctors say that diabetes is guaranteed for people who have sweets for breakfast every day.
Sweet potatoes are not recommended for eating on an empty stomach, especially for people who have gastritis, pancreatitis or intestinal ulcers. This fruit irritates the mucous membrane of the stomach. It provokes bloating, pain and problems with constipation.
Coffee-morning coffee on an empty stomach irritates the mucous membrane, increases the secretion of gastric juice and provokes gastritis. You should always be careful with coffee during the morning.
A sausage sandwich contains many harmful and some carcinogenic components. A poorly protected empty stomach during the morning simply is not ready for this “chemical attack”.
Garlic-a dish spiced with garlic is not the best idea for breakfast. Garlic contains the substance allicin, which irritates the stomach. The results are digestive problems and gastrospasm.

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