The city of Vorkuta (Russia) is the easternmost and coldest European city

Vorkuta is located in the Russian north in a remote corner of Europe. In this guard, snow and ice took over apartments, buildings and vehicles in an abandoned settlement. The nearby settlement is located 19 kilometers from the city of Vorkuta, in the northeast of the Russian Republic of Komi.

Vorkuta is one of the largest cities above the Arctic Circle near which is a huge coal deposit. Vorkuta is the easternmost and coldest European city. This city has short summers and extremely cold winters with plenty of snow. The population of Vorkuta is currently estimated at about 70,000 inhabitants. One of the largest forced labor camps within the Gulag system was once located in this area.

Fascinating photographs were taken in the frozen “ghost town”, one of the settlements not far from Vorkuta. Residents of this settlement have been leaving the area since 2013 due to rising unemployment and extreme temperatures that drop to minus 50 degrees Celsius in winter. Now snow and ice cover buildings and rows of trucks and other machinery; snow and ice entered the interior of the living quarters, covering the furniture while icicles hung on the windows and stairs.

Photos: Maria Passer AFP


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