5 free educational sites available to everyone

Educational sites and free courses from world-renowned universities and top lecturers are useful for all age groups. Currently (due to geographical or financial circumstances) many people are not able to travel to further locations to acquire knowledge and improve existing knowledge. A simple solution is online teaching led by top world lecturers and universities.
Some of the universities / lecturers offer the possibility of translation into some world languages. Knowledge of English is certainly welcome. It is important to mention that some of these sites offer degree programs valid for CVs, and can help with job search.

  1. Coursera-is a website that seeks to make education accessible to all. It offers free online courses from world universities, including Princeton University and the University of Michigan. The topics are diverse, and all lectures are in video format, which students can watch during their free time. http://www.coursera.org
  2. Udacity- is a free educational website, founded by four robotics students from Stanford. It currently offers 11 courses in science and mathematics. According to the website, plans are underway to expand the curriculum. Udacity is without deadlines, without prerequisites, without quizzes and other awkward school things. Needless to say, the courses are free. http://www.udacity.com/
  3. Memrise- is easy to learn based on three pillars: science, entertainment and community. Based on scientific methods for learning new information, Memrise proves that what may seem impossible is in fact feasible – yes, even learning Chinese http://www.memrise.com/
  4. Ted-Ed- is the educational site of Ted-Ed. A treasure trove of beautifully animated videos and a wide range of themes. All videos are shorter than 10 minutes. Additional materials such as quizzes and discussions are available http://ed.ted.com/
  5. Open Culture- is a cultural – educational medium of high quality. It offers a huge collection of 400 courses, online, free, from top universities such as Stanford, UCLA, Columbia and Oxford University. From math and science to art and design – Open Culture offers everything. http://www.openculture.com


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