International Wildlife Photo Competition 2021 (Free Entry)

Submissions open:
1 March 2021

Submissions close:
30 April 2021

Who may enter
The competition is open to anyone.


This annual photography competition is part of the International Wildlife and Nature Photo Festival in Montier, France.

“ The aim of this competition is to show still or filmed images of wild flora, fauna, landscapes, as well as accounts supporting the conservation of habitats, species and biodiversity. 

There are 9 photo categories and 1 video category:

• Wild birds in nature 
• Wild mammals in nature
• Other wild animals in nature
• Wild plants
• Graphics, form and matter of nature
• Natural landscapes of the world
• Still image sequences representing a homogeneous sequence, chronological or harmonious of 3 to 5 images on the previous themes
• Film sequence showing a short video of nature
• Man and nature
• Nature revisited

Read the competition rules.

Click HERE for more photos.

Entry fees
The competition is free to enter.

The total value of the prizes is € 40,000.

Competition website
For further information visit the official competition website

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