10 tips to naturally cleanse the body of toxins

  1. Pomegranate – is an excellent natural cleanser of the body from accumulated toxins. Scientists are constantly researching the beneficial properties of pomegranate – Polyphenols and isoflavones from pomegranate help fight prostate cancer – say doctors and scientists.
  2. Fried and fatty foods should be kept to a minimum on the menu — fried foods once a week on the menu increase the risk of prostate cancer by 37%. Oncologists say that fatty foods are also harmful to the body. The high fat content in dishes (fried potatoes, hamburgers, fried eggs) increases the risk of cancer by 20%. The popular Atkinson diet is low in carbohydrates and high in fat. Therefore, it poses a risk of breast cancer.
  3. Sweating and exercise are useful activities – men who are recreationally engaged in sports rarely get cancer compared to people who do not engage in physical activities – say scientific findings. Exercise reduces the risk of lung cancer by as much as 68% and 38% for colon cancer.
  4. Early diagnosis is the most important – a visit to doctors and specialists who determine the diagnosis on time. This saves human life. Almost all types of cancer in the initial stage are curable.
  5. Lose weight — because obesity is the trigger for many diseases. Being overweight can cause cancers of the breast, ovaries and pancreas.
  6. Berries are desirable in the morning. This fruit is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals. They protect the body from cancer cells.
  7. Stop snoring in your sleep. Snoring is associated with an increased risk of cancer. Snoring reduces the level of oxygen in the body, which leads to the conversion of harmless tumors into cancerous tumors.
  8. Smart sunbathing is important – People who use vitamin D reduce the risk of cancer by 77% – say the results of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. In summer and during sunbathing, use a special cream with filters that protect the skin from the appearance of cancer.
  9. Eat fiber every day – this includes bran, brown rice, cereals, fruits (currants, dried apricots and prunes, grapes, blackberries and raspberries) and vegetables (peas, cabbage, kohlrabi). Fiber eliminates toxins from the body.
  10. Nuts are useful – scientists from Harvard University recommend that each person eat 3 Brazil nuts a day. This is the simplest way for a person to meet the needs for a daily dose of selenium. Selenium is a powerful natural weapon in the fight against cancer. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds contain selenium.




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