One day without a phone, computer and communication with the outside world

A day without computers, cell phones, cigarettes, alcohol, junk food, and communication with the outside world in general — is a new type of psychotherapy used by U.S. experts in Silicon Valley. The method is easy to practice. The popular name is “dopamine fasting” (among members of a healthy lifestyle). This method helps to reduce stress and get rid of bad habits. Experts believe that dopamine fasting resets the brain. Contributes to mental and physical health.
During this day, the process of releasing dopamine is minimized in the body. Thus the human brain is literally reprogrammed. Dopamine, serotonin and endorphins are the hormones of happiness. Dopamine is actually a neurotransmitter. It transmits signals from neurons in the brain to cells and vice versa. Dopamine is an important part of the reward system and a perfect motivator. Dopamine gives the brain a strong impulse promising some reward. It has the same effect of an apple or a sugar cube that we put in front of the horse. Dopamine does not bring euphoria but creates a feeling of anticipation of joy. Encourages the person to take action. A rush of positive emotions occurs when the goal is achieved. Endorphin is then released. Dopamine is important in the learning process because it rewards a person who does something good for their body. In the modern world, it has become easy to get pleasant emotions. After eating the cake, the dopamine is enhanced. Bloggers press “like” on a blog post – dopamine is boosted by blog owners.
People quickly get used to petty pleasures. Constant bursts of dopamine make us less sensitive to this neurotransmitter. Dopamine does not tolerate monotony. People intuitively increase the concentration of this happiness hormone. So they move to a higher level. When one “like” on a blog post isn’t enough — people become obsessed with creating more “like”. Psychologists have pointed out the most provocative provocateurs who cause the rapid release of dopmaine and develop addictive behavior: fast food, gambling, computer games, social networks, series, shopping, sites 18+. The brain requires a higher dose of dopamine. The number and variety of pleasures is growing daily. Modern life offers new technologies, new social networks and computer games. Clinical psychiatry professor Cameron Sepah, who devised this method of brain bio-hacking, says that dopamine fasting helps people overcome addiction. Dopamine starvation is based on the principle of behavioral therapy called “stimulus control” (which helps patients remove triggers of compulsive behavior).
During this special day, walking, meditation, thinking, writing on paper, doing household chores and personal communication with other people are allowed. When the day of dopamine fasting passes, the person uses the stimuli again, which gives more pleasure and improves life. Each person should regularly set aside a few hours or an entire day and consciously limit themselves to the personal problematic desires of each individual. Then one weekend in 3 months and finally a whole week a year. The ability to concentrate, to establish self-control, to rest the brain from constant simulation, to solve bad habits and stress are the positive effects of this simple exercise.

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