Herbal teas are an aid against stress and depression


Every individual (patient) received a diagnosis of psycho-sympathetic disorders thanks to a doctor and medical analyzes. The psycho-somatic roots of the disease are marked by two signs. Low efficiency of traditional treatment and problems with diagnosis when the disease is present, but analyzes and examinations do not indicate the presence of the disease and there is no simulation. Psycho-somatic disorders require specific therapy. Such diseases cannot be cured without correction of the patient’s psychological state. The therapist provides basic treatment while the psychiatrist provides adequate help / therapy. Combination therapy means the application of medical preparations and various psycho-therapeutic techniques. Natural remedies, herbal preparations and herbal teas also help fight stress and depression. These products are only an aid in treating an individual’s illness.
Chronic stress is accompanied by the following symptoms: headaches, upper back and neck pain because in a state of stress the individual unconsciously raises his shoulders and tries to hide his head, sudden changes in blood pressure, hyperventilation due to shortness of breath, irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal pain, tachycardia, diarrhea, frequent sweating, muscle tension and elevated blood sugar. In the 20th century, doctors identified the so-called “holy seven of psycho-somatosis”: bronchial asthma, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, arterial hypertension, ulcerative colitis, neurodermatitis, gastric and intestinal ulcers. In the 21st century, neuro-psychiatrists have added other diseases to this list (infertility, sexual dysfunctions, pancreatitis, etc.). When an individual is in a stressful situation for a long time, anxiety develops that leads to depression. Immunity declines because the body’s defense mechanisms are exhausted. Then the individual is more susceptible to some diseases. Neuro-psychiatrists say that most psycho-somatic diseases are caused by stress. Stress is the body’s defensive response to a potential danger. Then the level of adrenaline and norepinephrine-hormones responsible for the body’s lightning reaction to emergencies increases. All processes (heartbeat, breathing, kidney function, gastrointestinal tract function) are accelerated. The organism prepares for rescue situations, ie to escape from that danger or to respond with an attack. The heart needs to pump more blood than normal blood to provide oxygen to the muscles and organs in a state of stress. The speed of blood flow increases. Blood vessels constrict. The pressure increases. At the end of the action, an outburst of emotions follows and the work of the heart and blood vessels normalizes. When the stress state is prolonged, the nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular systems are exposed to hyperfunction for too long. This can lead to hypertension and some disorders in the body.


The best herbal teas for treating stress and depression are (fresh or dried) lemon balm, blackberry, calendula, young birch leaves and combinations of dried or fresh herbs (e.g. wild oregano, calendula and Tanacetum Vulgare). It is always advisable to pour one teaspoon of the plant with a cup of boiling water. Cool and strain the drink. Drink a third of tea three times a day. So every person can see the effect of tea.



    • Dear “concordgrapejuice”,

      Thank you very much for your positivism and time spent on reading those articles written to all people in the world. Wish you all the best.

      With my nice regards,


    • Dear “chloe.calendula”,

      Herbs are so fantastic. I could use all herbs every day when is possible. Helping us a lot specially in difficult times. All herbs including blackberry could be used fresh or dried leaves when making a good cup of tea or putting in some recipes. Some people just love tea from leaves. So, you could use leaves from blackberry. Wish you all the best. My nice regards, Amela.


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