Cleansing toxins from the body with teas and herbal mixtures

The accumulation of toxins in the body is manifested by slowing of metabolism, frequent feeling of fatigue and exhaustion, worsening of skin color and texture (gray color), digestive tract disorders, feeling of coldness in hands and feet, nervous system disorders, unpleasant smell of sweat and other natural secretions. Herbal teas and blends can help and alleviate these symptoms. The best choices are ginger, pomegranate, oats, lemon balm, horseradish, corn silk, thyme and cranberries.
The famous German doctor Rechavegg believed that there are 6 stages of intoxication. The elimination phase is the process of expelling toxic substances in a natural way. Phase of the organism’s reaction to the accumulation of toxic substances (these are various symptomatic manifestations and local reactions in the zone of toxin accumulation). The phase of toxin distribution means that toxic substances move through the body causing the formation of papillomas, lipomas, fibroids, enlarged lymph nodes and lead to weight loss or obesity. The phase of slag saturation is accompanied by neurological symptoms. Phase of irreversible changes including change in blood composition. I Phase of malignant tumors. Doctors therefore recommend regular detox therapy with natural remedies.
Regular detox therapy means that the daily menu should include milk (which has an antidote effect), red wine (which removes toxins from the body), bran (which cleans the intestines and expels toxins), eggs, fish, onions and garlic because they contain selenium which protects the liver and lungs from free radicals, then butter, carrots and liver because they contain vitamin A and beta carotene which normalize the regeneration of the skin and prevent infections. Citrus, strawberry, sauerkraut and broccoli because they contain vitamin C which strengthens the body and has antioxidant properties. Green vegetables, walnuts, almonds and sunflower oil because they contain vitamin E which protects cells from damage.

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