Jasmine is an extremely resistant fragrant plant that needs only a little water


15 tips for a more beautiful and efficient garden and balcony
A large garden, yard or balcony is also a great pleasure. Such open space also requires the owner to dedicate himself to efficient landscaping.
Cleaning – a new coat of paint will give the old shed or storage a new and more beautiful look. It is also desirable to repair and paint the fences. A bamboo or reed screen will alternatively allow for vertical planting. Every garden can benefit from good tidying up. Dig up weeds and any plants that have not overwintered and clean the leaves and accumulated debris. Arrange the edge of the lawn, wash dirty floors and walls. http://www.vecernji.hr
Set up a few colorful jars — a beautiful garden will be complete with plenty of color and variegation. Plant bulbs in blooms that bloom in the summer. Alternatively, some pre-planted plants in cheerful and colorful pot colors can be purchased. Arrange the purchased plants in the garden or balcony.
Outdoor space-preparation of outdoor space begins in the spring so that the householders can enjoy the living room surrounded by nature until the fall. Waterproof carpet, comfortable furniture and mirrors help create a stylish space to relax. An electric or gas heater generates heat. The new space can be used until late autumn. http://www.vecernji.hr
New Tiling — Replace old and cracked boards and missing parts. This will greatly affect the entire space. Large stone slabs are very popular. It will look especially good in combination with wooden details.
Invest in artificial plants too- real plants are great, but they can also be very demanding to maintain and weather dependent. Instead, try a few plastic items. Artificial objects are realistic enough and a good way to beautify the garden all year round. Imagine a pair of artificial boxwood balls on either side of the door, a blooming bougainvillea on the patio, or lush hanging baskets that never need watering.
Garden of wild flowers – add live shrubs to the corners that will not require constant maintenance. After a while you will have a beautiful hedge.
Create serenity – focus on creating a sense of serenity and good feeling. Place a garden bench or furniture in a secluded corner to allow space for peaceful contemplation, surrounded by a lush oasis of plants.

Make a hanging basket – an old strainer is perfect for turning into an attractive hanging basket. It takes another piece of material to put in the strainer, some compost and flowers to plant in the strainer.
Make use of forgotten pieces – an old set of shelves is perfect for creating a table for pots or vertical planters. Be sure to protect the furniture from the weather, which will then last in winter and summer.
A mirror is a useful addition – if there is a dark, gloomy corner, try transforming it with a weather-resistant mirror set up to create a focal point where nothing but a cobweb has been seen before. In a small, enclosed garden, or balcony, it can also create the illusion of a larger space.
Artificial grass is desirable — for a lush green lawn the ideal replacement is artificial grass. With the eye and the feeling, artificial grass is not taboo, but it works original thanks to its realistic design
Choosing plants for the garden- this practical advice requires a little research before realization. Strong fragrant plants like thyme thrive well next to roses. http://www.vecernji.hr
Plant Self-Watering Technique — There are a number of gardening techniques that make soil maintenance easier. One of the best techniques is definitely the self-watering system, especially for a large garden and / or lawn. A little clutter is desirable. Let the mint spread out of the jar, and let the heather grow disobediently. Sometimes it is best to let nature do the work itself. Plants should be well nourished.
Plant selection – plant indestructible succulents that are easily adaptable to all conditions. Jasmine is an extremely resistant fragrant plant that needs only a little water.

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