Nail decoration always starts with white nail polish

Manicure is mostly a female activity. Women like to be well-groomed, tidy and with well-groomed hands whose nails have the inevitable nail polish. Today, minimalism and French manicure are more popular. This does not mean an inconspicuous effect, but on the contrary it can be interesting and impressive with small details.
  1. A classic white manicure has a touch of glamor because it gives space for eternal experimentation. You can accentuate your nails with so-called “ombre” gloss or stickers that stick easily to your nails. The result is nice because there are no restrictions.
  2. A mixture of decorations on the nails – emphasizes human creativity because you can combine small stars, glitter, plants, human faces and much more. You will create a small work of art.
  3. Details for decorating nails – a simple and fun look of nails is achieved with appropriate nail molds. The design on the nails will be unique.
  4. Red and white are always a winning combination because red is the color of love while white is a simple and gentle color great for combinations. Each nail does not always have to be in the same color tone. The variety of tones makes it special. Imagination is important here and can be put to good use.
  5. French manicure is always popular — the ends of drawn nails don’t have to be clean and precise. This means that a game with nail polish colors is allowed. Colors can also be layered, that is, let the shades of colors on the nails intertwine with perhaps some added abstract details.
  6. Glitter is always popular — because it guarantees a believable and unique nail look. Each person can make a color scheme individually according to their own taste / choice.

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