3 simple tips for a better look and greater skin radiance


Calm movements (for example hypnosis) contribute to the improvement of the mental state and better appearance of the skin. The appearance of the skin reflects the psychological image of each individual. Dark under-eye bags, eczema, acne, dermatological problems are manifestations of exposure to stress or chronic mental exhaustion. Stress is an absolute and unavoidable factor in the life of most people and a physiological reaction that is the cause of imbalance in the body — agree medical experts and dermatologists.

  1. Positive thinking is very important – every individual should focus their thoughts on positivity, end results, simple drivers that are great motivations for people to struggle with everyday life. Hypnosis is a form of self-help for many people. This means repeating certain words (mantras) during 5 minutes of meditation or a short walk. Hypnosis lowers the stress hormone (cortisol), which has been proven. Because elevated levels of stress hormones trigger inflammatory processes in the body that are the cause of dermatological problems. Certain words can be any affirmative words (or sentences) that move people. Then the individual should pay attention to breathing and keep awareness of the environment. Listening to music is an added plus for people with more energy. Any activity is welcome (dancing, painting, cleaning, exercising). Such activities direct people to that particular moment in which they find themselves. People become more relaxed. The result is reflected on the skin.
  2. The skin is most regenerated during rest or night sleep. Chronically disturbed sleep is the cause of disorders of numerous functions, including the loss of water from skin cells, lowered cellular immunity and a slowed down process of renewing the skin barrier, say dermatologists. This can cause redness of the skin (rosacea), loss of skin glow, psoriasis, accelerated aging process and slowed wound healing. Feelings of panic and frustration often prevent people from achieving quality several hours of peaceful sleep and become the main causes of insomnia. It is best to determine the habit of going to sleep and the habit of getting up in the morning. It is important to create a certain evening ritual (reading a book, applying a cream / preparation on the face, a warm bath, etc.) that acts like meditation. Human thoughts are confused by the blue light emitted by smartphones, computers and other devices. It is desirable to remove all devices from the bedroom. This facilitates the transition of the brain from the awake to the dormant state.
  3. Use of appropriate preparations – it is desirable to avoid aggressive skin care / aggressive skin treatments that require a long recovery. Irritated skin exposed to the effects of stress requires a much milder approach. With optimal hydration, the skin barrier is maintained. This is achieved by applying a moist cream with a rich content of ceramides. These substances are natural lipids in the skin that some women with chronic problems lack (skin redness, eczema). Daily use of SPF preparations with a factor of 30 or more that protect against UV radiation and the effects of oxidative stress. This agent can be combined with a serum that contains vitamin C. Due to the neutralization of the effects of free radicals. Eye cream with a lightening effect is a great choice for people who have problems with dark under-eye circles (due to insufficient sleep). It is always good to seek expert advice when problems of anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, fear and the like arise.



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