5 most popular healing sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnian pyramids – one of the purposes of the energy of the Bosnian pyramids (near the town of Visoko) is to protect health because the pyramids have healing energy. The underground prehistoric labyrinth of Ravne (below the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids, ie the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon and the Pyramid of the Bosnian Dragon) is open in the length of 2.4 kilometers. The beneficial energies of the pyramids were measured in the tunnel (28 kHz electromagnetism and ultrasound, 7.83 Hz – original Schumann resonance), extremely high concentration of medicinal negative ions of 20,000-30,000 ni / ccm (20 times higher than in the mountains in the pine forest), absence harmful cosmic radiation, underground natural radioactivity, Wi-Fi and cell phone signals. This created a completely protected underground structure in which the process of regeneration and self-healing begins. So far, several hundred testimonies have been registered, ranging from a reduction in high blood glucose, blood pressure and pain to a significant improvement in very serious health challenges (tumors, Parkinson’s disease, etc.). health.
More information can be found at the link: http://www.piramidasunca.ba http://www.huped.hr

Healing and mystical balls in the Bosnian town of Zavidovići- A protected natural area is a natural monument of Tajan. It is named after the eponymous mountain Tajan, whose highest peak is 1297 meters above sea level. This is an ideal destination for hiking, excursionists, recreationists and all people who love nature. Tajan is rich in clean watercourses, endemic plant and animal species and speleological bays, caves and buildings. The surroundings of Zavidovići abound in tourist excursion sites / potentials in untouched nature. Excursion site Kamenica is one of such excursion sites. In recent times, the resort is visited by many tourists from around the world because of the stone balls. Stone balls are a kind of natural phenomenon and a unique tourist offer in the world. There are few localities in the world except Zavidovići where there are stone balls (Costa Rica and Mexico). These spheres have an almost perfect shape and there is still no official theory about the formation of spheres. You will often see many tourists who believe in the healing properties of the balls and meditate next to the balls or touch them because they think that this is how they draw positive energy. In the town of Zavidovići, about 60 stone balls were discovered at several locations. The most famous and largest stone ball was found in 2016 in the suburb of Podubravlje. This ball weighs over 30 tons. People believe that the mystique and potential healing properties of stone balls will attract many visitors from all over the world for a long time to come.

Medjugorje Shrine – is one of the largest Marian shrines, 27 kilometers from the city of Mostar. Over time, this location became one of the most famous and most visited places of Catholic pilgrims. This dates back to the time when a group of adolescents witnessed the appearance of the Virgin Mary on June 24, 1981 near the village of Podbrdo. It is a place that was later called Apparition Hill. The “Miracle of Medjugorje” has radically changed this small town “global city”, which is constantly visited by Catholics and other visitors from all over the world. The periods of the most massive visits of the faithful are at Easter time, when the anniversary of the first apparition through the procession is celebrated. The procession is called the “Walk of Peace.” More frequent visits are during the Feast of the Assumption (August 15) and for the Birth of the Virgin (the first Sunday after September 8). The Church of St. James was built in 1969. The church is the center of various religious events. Behind the church there is a path that leads to the Resurrection of the Savior – a statue from which holy water is constantly dripping. On the way to the Apparition Hill 14 is the Via Crucis station where pilgrims stop in prayer. Križevac Hill (on which a large stone cross was erected in 1934) is located 2.5 km southwest of Medjugorje. Hotels, restaurants and very well-equipped souvenir shops accept a large number of believers and other visitors throughout the year. Bus (Company Mostar-bus) From Mostar every day except Sunday, runs to Medjugorje from the Bus Station (Ul. Vukovarska bb).

http://www.medjugorje.hr http://www.turizam.mostar.ba http://www.medjugorje-info.com

http://www.hercegovina.ba http://www.visitmycountry.net

Gata Spa is located near the town of Bihać in northwestern Bosnia. In the 1980s, experts from France and Bosnia and Herzegovina examined the waters of the Gate. They stated the health properties and started the project of building infrastructure around the wells. The health spa has already been built, while other accompanying facilities (outdoor and indoor pool) and other rehabilitation facilities are in the future plans of the center’s management. Accommodation capacities are 99 beds (15 single rooms, 6 double rooms, 18 triple rooms and 6 suites). Each room has a toilet and a bathroom.
It is located at 120 meters above sea level. The Gata Spa is connected to the main road Sarajevo-Bihać – border crossing Izačić, Karlovac (about 100 km), Zagreb (150 km away).
Thermotherapy procedures

  • paraffin
  • cryotherapy
  • solux
    Hydrotherapy procedures
  • hot baths
  • Underwater massage
  • hydrogymnastics
  • four-cell galvanization
    Kinesitherapy procedures
  • active and actively assisted towers
  • group exercises
  • walking exercises
  • exercises in suspension

Spa-thermal spa “Terme” Ilidža Sarajevo – is one of the oldest spas in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Southeast Europe. The spa began operations in 2004 after a complete renovation. The spa has 480 beds, in modernly equipped single, double rooms and suites. The first traces of the use of thermal sulfur – oligomineral water of the Ilidža thermal bath date from the Roman period to the Turkish period. the catchment of the spring was carried out, and accommodation and therapeutic capacities were built. Thus, the entire settlement of Ilidža kept its name from the Turkish word “iladž” – medicine and turned into a spa complex. for physical medicine and rehabilitation. The stationary part has 370 beds in 1/1, 1/2 rooms, apartments and semi-apartments. The accommodation part is on the level of a four-star hotel.
In the plant for physical medicine and rehabilitation there is hydrotherapy with 24 medical bathtubs which provide underwater massage services, pearl baths, four-cell galvanic baths, Hubbard baths, and the possibility of galvanizing the whole body or body parts. 18 x 10 meters with built-in water self-massagers for individual body segments. The trim cabinet has equipment of 29 machines for the rehabilitation of all body segments and a machine for testing the physical capabilities of the body. Based on the test, the allowed load of the patient during rehabilitation is planned. The drive is a space for group and individual exercises. There is space for doctor’s offices and medical intervention with appropriate equipment. The complete equipment in the SPA is marked CE 2004/2005.

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