Raw foods mostly damage the digestive tract because the body expends energy on processing


People should generally eat as little raw fruits and vegetables as possible. Herbalists say that strawberries, peaches, plums and leeks are a kind of poison for the body, which then spends a lot of energy to process this fruit and vegetable. Some raw fruits and vegetables cause gastritis and skin problems. The saint and church teacher of St. Hildegard, about whom many books have already been written, has been known in the world for 800 years. Saint Hildegard was known for a healthy diet and a healthy life. In 2012, Pope Benedict XVI proclaimed St. Hildegard “Doctor of the Universal Church – Doctor Ecclesiae universalis. St. Hildegard wrote a treasure trove of recipes and tips on how to preserve health with food and spices, cure many diseases (such as stress) that are still present today. We are witnessing everyday situations where people are not sure what the right food choice is for them. One theory speaks in stark contrast to another theory. Every theory is scientifically substantiated and proven. The famous book by Dr Wighard Strehlow (doctor of chemistry and connoisseur of Hildegard’s medicine) entitled “St. Hildegard and food as medicine. The book always sells quickly due to the constant and great interest of the readers. Saint Hildegard is certainly a pure source of information because this saint (and doctor) has no interest but has God’s revelation. That is why people trust this saint and the doctor.
Hildegard says raw foods damage the digestive tract because the body has to expend more energy on processing raw fruits and vegetables. The spleen is loaded in which, as in the digestive tract, immunity is created. Many people in European countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) live and eat according to the principles of St. Hildegarde.

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