6 tips for better choosing an online fitness program / workout

  1. Qualifications, experience and education of online trainers- is important when choosing online fitness training. The coach should have adequate licenses. The experiences of other users are also important. The most optimal choice of coach is a person you already know or follow online, or have recommendations for just that coach.
  2. Modifications to the exercises should be explained — the ideal choices are special programs for beginners clearly indicated on the web portal, programs for intermediate-level exercisers, and advanced fitness programs. It is good to have written instructions on how to “raise” a certain exercise to a higher level or make it easier to perform.
  3. Movements should be varied — movements should be multidimensional or pass through all 3 planes — sagittal (forward-backward), frontal (left-right), and transverse (rotations and twists). By exercising in all directions, people build strength, mobility and balance — which they can use in everyday situations. Training should first and foremost be functional.
  4. Warming up and relaxing before each workout is a prerequisite for a fitness program — at least a 10-minute light warm-up before each workout is necessary. This protects the exerciser from possible injuries. The intensity of exercise should be gradually increased. Training is followed by relaxation important for safety and further progress of the exerciser.
  5. Progress in exercise should be visible – by practicing the same exercises or constant repetition, stagnation occurs. Training should be intensified in various ways (by increasing the weight that is lifted, by adding training tools / devices, more repetitions of exercises, etc.) every few weeks.
  6. For online fitness programs at home you need: Yoga mat that does not slide with a thickness of at least 6 mm to relieve the pressure of the joints on the ground, training weights are chosen when a person 5 times in a row can lift / lower overhead from the shoulder position when are arms bent at the elbows and some replacement devices from the gym).







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