It is best to drink coffee later in the morning

There is an ideal time when it is best to drink morning coffee. It is best to drink coffee late in the morning. An extra cup of coffee should be drunk at least six hours before bedtime to burn the caffeine ingested with morning coffee. The study showed that cortisol in coffee keeps people awake awake. Helps better concentration for tasks to be performed. In addition, cortisol regulates metabolism, the immune system’s response, and even blood pressure. Every morning, cortisol levels rise naturally. It peaks about 30 minutes after waking up. Caffeine in coffee can increase cortisol levels.
Elevated cortisol levels over a long period of time can damage the immune system. If the cortisol level is high after waking up, drinking coffee can intensify the harmful effects. The best time to drink coffee is in the middle of late morning, when the cortisol level drops. If a person (for example) wakes up around seven in the morning, they should drink coffee between ten o’clock and noon. People who are willing to change their morning habits may notice that delayed first cups of coffee will help them stay energetic longer.
The effects of caffeine can last between three and five hours, depending on the person. So, a few hours before bedtime you should not drink coffee so that caffeine does not disturb sleep. In the afternoon, you can drink a cup of tea instead of coffee, writes

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