Garlic preserves the mental and physical health of people

Garlic is a miraculous medicinal vegetable. If you put garlic under the pillow before bed – the person will not have problems with insomnia.
Garlic preserves the mental and physical health of people.
One piece of garlic placed under the pillow relaxes the muscles in the body due to the high concentration of zinc.
Garlic placed under a pillow before bed will reduce the possibility of colds and flu. A person’s new day will start with more energy and vitality.
Garlic or common onion is also very effective because of the flavonoids in the composition that help protect the body from cell damage. Onions are rich in sulfur compounds which is why people cry when they cut onions. Cut the onion into smaller pieces and place on a plate next to the bed. This vegetable is so strong that it will “unclog” every stuffy nose. The smell spreads through the room but enters the throat and mouth. The person will get up in the morning light and relaxed while the nasal passages will be unclogged.
Onions and garlic, allspice and oregano contain powerful antibacterial ingredients and are spices with the strongest antibiotic properties – according to scientific research. These spices destroyed all 30 microorganisms they were tested against, including Escherichia coli and Salmonella (two bacteria that cause food poisoning). Scientists have determined that antibiotic ingredients in plants have developed as a defense mechanism against attackers – fungi, bacteria and insects. These by-products are not crucial for the basic metabolism of the plant, but they contribute to the aroma. They are the result of an evolutionary process responsible for plant protection. It is for the same purpose that people use herbs in culinary recipes because they act as antibiotics.
Hot pepper put in a sock is an unusual and very effective trick. Paprika contains capsaicin, which in contact with the skin strengthens circulation and dilates blood vessels. Hot paprika powder should be sprinkled on the feet and socks should be put on. This is best done in the evening and fall asleep like that because it helps solve insomnia. Occasionally it is good to eat hot peppers because of capsaicin, which improves blood circulation.

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