Tangerine essential oil rejuvenates, reduces stress and improves mood


Mandarin peel contains the most hesperidin. Mandarins contain more ascorbic acid than cranberries and cherries. Mandarin is a fruit that contains three times more beta carotene than oranges.
Mandarin oil is one of the most valuable products of this fruit. It is used in aromatherapy and the cosmetic industry. It is a means of rejuvenating and giving the skin the necessary moisture. It works against cellulite. The scent of mandarin lowers arterial pressure, reduces stress and improves mood. Mandarin oil is especially useful in cooking because it gives each recipe a better aroma, taste and color. The aroma of tangerine is found in the peel, which contains essential oil with useful properties. Tangerines should be washed with hot water before use. Tangerine peel can be dried, which will later be a delicious tea or an addition to cakes and other desserts. In Chinese folk medicine, mandarin peel was used against bronchitis, coughing, nausea and a means to improve digestion. The healing fluid from the dry bark warms the body, improves mood and has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract (mini-inhalation). Chop the dried bark and mix it with black tea (one tablespoon of bark per 100 grams of tea). Boil this healing liquid that you can later use for many purposes.
Mandarin has a rich content of beta carotene which is converted in the body into vitamin A (necessary for the production of collagen and elastin) which make the skin youthful and elastic.
Mandarin is an excellent source of vitamin C with antioxidant properties that strengthens blood vessels making them elastic and strengthens immunity in general.
Mandarin helps to expel toxins from the body due to cellulose, the indigestible dietary fiber contained in this fruit, which swells in the intestines and thus performs its function.
Mandarins are especially useful for women’s health because of the bioflavonoid hesperidin (vitamin P), which improves the condition of veins and has an estrogen-like effect and alleviates the symptoms of menopause.
Mandarins contain a lot of useful organic acids (improve the intestinal micro-flora) including citric acid which invigorates the body.
Mandarins contain the amino acid synephrine, which improves metabolism and destroys adipose tissue. That is why mandarin are a common ingredient in various diets.
Mandarins contain nutrients (potassium, calcium and phosphorus) that are nervous. They keep bone and connective tissues healthy. They are effective in preventing avitaminosis.
Mandarins are a fruit that can be used to make an excellent and refreshing juice that has an anti-fungal effect.
Mandarins are a useful fruit for the prevention of respiratory diseases because they contain essential oils that have a beneficial effect on the respiratory organs, while calming the cough and promoting the expulsion of secretions.
Mandarins improve appetite and have a positive effect on strengthening the mood.
Mandarins contain a lot of sugar, so it is convenient to eat only a few small mandarins a day. Excess sugar does not affect the acid, which can irritate the digestive tract – especially if the fruit is eaten on an empty stomach. Mandarin and other citrus fruits can cause an allergic reaction. Nutritionists believe that 5 tangerines is a sufficient daily dose of fruit.
Fresh mandarin juice is not recommended for breakfast and on an empty stomach due to the large amount of fructose, glucose and sugar, which are quickly absorbed and quickly raise blood glucose levels. For breakfast, it is best to use tangerines with cereals and other fruits (bananas, apples, etc.) in a smoothie. The fruit is washed and chopped in a blender with the seeds. Smoothie contains fruit juice and useful fibers that slow down the absorption of carbohydrates and the growth of glucose levels. Smoothie perfectly quenches thirst and enriches with fiber and vitamins and gives a long feeling of satiety.

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