CineSpace Film Competition 2021-Free Entry

14 July 2021

Who may enter
The competition is open to filmmakers of all experience levels from around the world.

The CineSpace short film competition is a joint production of NASA and the Houston Cinema Arts Society

 NASA and the Houston Cinema Arts Society are teaming up once again to host the annual CineSpace Short Film Competition, inviting filmmakers, editors, and animators from around the world to explore NASA’s digital archives and create short films inspired by, and incorporating, real NASA footage.

We’re looking for films of any type and any format – that means traditional narratives, experimental expressions, documentaries, comedies, dramas, animated pieces, ambient visuals, music videos, re-mixes, VJ sets, even sci-fi or horror stories, and more.

Submissions must be 10 minutes or less (including credits) and comprised of at least 10% NASA imagery and/or footage.

You may submit up to 5 short films.

Entry fees
The competition is free to enter.

• Grand Prize: USD $10,000
• Second Prize: USD $5,000
• Third Prize: USD $3,000 
• Educational Film That Best Highlights Impacts of Space and Science: USD $4,000 
• Film That Best Depicts Unity and Inclusion in Science: USD $4,000

Competition website
For further information visit the official competition website.

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