10 tips on how to best use a regular hair brush


Ordinary and simple products that we all have in the home can prove to be useful many times over. Most of these products (including hair brush) can give good results in simple treatments adapted to home conditions.

  1. The brush is a useful product for self-massage. It corrects the external appearance and improves skin tone. A dry brush or “home massager” can be a brush with a wooden handle and natural bristles (bristles) of greater or average sharpness.
  2. Brushes that can be used for massage – are sold in beauty salons, specialized cosmetic equipment stores and bathroom equipment stores.
  3. The brush is a useful tool for self-massage and skin peeling. Dry brushing can improve local circulation and cellular respiration. Self-massage can be done several times a week. If you have dry skin then one self-massage in 10 days is enough. The whole therapy should last up to 10 minutes. The first procedure should take 2-3 minutes. Gradually extend the time. The procedure is performed on dry skin before showering. Experts say that self-massage with a brush is best done in the morning because the morning or day massage invigorates by giving the necessary energy.
  4. The brush can quickly remove the top / dead layer of skin – This makes the skin softer and softer. Brushing with a dry brush stimulates cell renewal.
  5. Brushing with a dry brush can be an additional activity in dealing with cellulite.
  6. Brushing with a dry brush is an effective way and means to rejuvenate the whole body. The massage is performed with “up and down” movements and starts from the heel to the upper part of the body. In the thigh area, it is desirable to do circular movements. Be especially careful in the chest and abdomen area as these are delicate parts of the body. Higher pressure is traditionally given to problematic parts of the body where there is cellulite and deposits of oily skin.
  7. It is desirable to shower and nourish the skin immediately after the massage by applying a moisturizing product (cream, lotion, body oil) on the whole body.
  8. Human skin is sensitive to UV radiation. It is always better during sunny days to use a cream with a protective factor (30 or more) for the skin instead of milk, because self-massage is a procedure that treats the surface of the epidermis.
  9. Do not do this massage with a dry brush on the face. This massage is not suitable for people with some diseases of the skin, veins, increased temperature, with the problem of varicose veins and increased blood pressure because it can further increase the pressure and body temperature.
  10. People with a lot of moles on the body should also be very careful during the process of massage only because traumatization of moles is unacceptable.

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