9 vitamins against spring fatigue for people over fifty


Many stressful situations adversely affect the human body during the life cycle. A person’s life and lifespan depend on the degree and type of immunity of the organism. The elderly population, whose immune system should always be stable, is particularly at risk here. A stable immune system protects against diseases and enables a better quality of life. Many people over the age of 50 already use medications / therapies that burden the vital organs (heart, liver, kidneys) and weaken the immune system. These individuals need to further strengthen their diet and immunity especially during respiratory and viral infections, colds, and flu. Drastically changing the living and eating habits of the elderly population is more difficult. A variety of supplements are an excellent choice for the proper functioning of vital organs. Balanced intake of vitamins and minerals contributes to the strengthening of the organism and better resistance of the organism.


Vitamin A contributes to better and normal function of the immune system, maintenance of normal vision and normal iron metabolism.
B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12 and bioten) – help to improve the nervous system and normal psychological function and therefore the normal function of the immune system, reduce fatigue and exhaustion and the normal production of red blood cells.
Vitamin D contributes to the normal absorption of calcium and phosphorus, the normal functioning of the immune system and the maintenance of the normal condition of the bones and musculoskeletal system.
Vitamin C strengthens the functions of the immune system during and after intense physical activity, strengthens the nervous system and improves psychological functions, increases iron absorption, reduces fatigue and exhaustion, and creates collagen for the normal functioning of cartilage and bones.


Vitamin E strengthens and protects tissue cells from oxidative stress
Coenzyme Q10 strengthens the cardiovascular system, produces energy in the cells, protects cells from damage, positively affects heart rhythm and blood pressure levels, reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, coenzyme q10 is a strong antioxidant.
Zinc-strengthens bone function and normal vision, protects cells from oxidative stress, strengthens the normal functioning of the immune system.
Selenium protects cells from oxidative stress, strengthens the normal functioning of the immune system.
Magnesium-reduces fatigue and exhaustion and contributes to normal psychological function.
Tip plus: when buying certain vitamins / minerals, you should choose a supplement adapted to the daily needs of that age group. People with impaired coagulation who use anticoagulants should choose vitamin K-free supplements (which can affect blood thinning).


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