The village of Umoljani and Studeni potok (about 50 kilometers from Sarajevo)

Bjelašnica mountain

The mountain village “Umoljani” is located on the mountain Bjelašnica. This location is today a favorite picnic spot for tourists, travelers and hikers. This mountain village can be reached from Sarajevo by an asphalt road in the length of 50 kilometers. Studeni potok is on the mountain Bjelašnica. This location can be reached by walking from the village of Umoljani. Then you can go back the same way to the start or make a full circle on the track marked with markings in the length of 8.5 kilometers. The walk is easy with a slight climb. Tourists are exposed to wind and open space all the time. That is why it is desirable to have a cream with a high protection factor. It moves on a macadam road next to a rock called “dragon”. It is a phenomenon on a rock reminiscent of the body of a huge snake. Legend has it that it used to be a cold winter a long time ago. A hungry dragon started from the Rakitnica canyon to eat the inhabitants of the village of Umoljani. The frightened inhabitants began to pray to God to save them. God answered their prayers. He petrified the dragon that stands today and reminds us of that unpleasant event. The only trace is the winding bed of Studeni potok. Because of that prayer, the village of Umoljani got its name.
As the walk continues, tourists come across a beautiful atrium called “Fern Valley”. It is a large meadow surrounded by the slopes of the nearby hills with a view of the mountain Visočica and the impressive Obalj (height 1896 meters) in the background. A stream that flows through a winding bed is formed due to melted snow. When the snow stops falling then the stream disappears. Here you should stop and admire the impressive canyon of the river Rakitnica. The water of the stream is clean, drinkable and icy. There are renovated old mills that do not grind grain today. Mills are just a reminder of times long past. From here it is possible to do a hiking tour to the village of Lukomir (on Bjelašnica) about 6 kilometers away. After visiting the mills, the marked path leads back to the village of Umoljani. The walk along Studeni potok is impressive and unforgettable. Here there is a restaurant where you can try homemade pies, donuts, homemade sour milk and other products from local cuisine.

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