EdP, EdT, EdC, perfume essence, oil perfume, solid perfume and stick perfume


The most important difference between perfumes, solid perfumes, oil perfumes, perfume in gel (stick) and eau de toilette is the difference in the concentration of raw materials that are part of these cosmetic products.
EdP is eau de parfum / perfume (perfume water), EdT is eau de toilette (eau de toilette). EdP lasts longer on the skin than EdT has more concentrates.
EdC is eau de Cologne (cologne – water from Cologne), etc. – the easiest version is cologne, created in the city of Cologne in the 18th century as a pharmacy scented and disinfectant water – Echt Kölnisch Wasser – geographically and formula is strictly defined and patented . Today, this version of cologne is produced only by perfume manufactory 4711 using the original recipe. 4711 is a traditional German Eau de Cologne by Mäurer & Wirtz. Because it has been produced in Cologne since at least 1799,
EdT (eau de toilette) – is much weaker than perfume water although slightly more concentrated than EdC.
Perfume extract – remains most intense on the skin. It is a highly-concentrated composition of active fragrant ingredients.
Oil perfumes are very common in the niche industry. They contain a higher proportion of essential oils. They are applied to freshly washed skin. It takes some time for moist skin to absorb the oily perfume that evaporates from the skin for a very long time.
The prices of all these fragrant variants are also different. As a rule, the most expensive products from the cosmetic manufacturer are perfume essences and oil fragrances.



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