Useful and economical dough rolling pad provides quick and easy preparation of pastries and cakes, without slipping and gluing the dough to the pad

Any preparation of dough, favorite biscuits and delicious pastries means a lot of clutter and flour throughout the kitchen (especially on the kitchen table). Due to the appearance of a useful and economical padmade of quality silicone, cooking is no longer complicated or creates a mess. Silicone provides a completely safe and hygienic platform for making pastries. Silicone does not affect the taste and smell of pastries.
The silicone pad is an aid in the kitchen with which the dough no longer sticks to the table. It facilitates the preparation of dough for housewives and chefs. It can be used by confectioners because it is suitable for making fondant mass and making various figures and decorations on cakes.
During rolling the dough, the silicone pad does not slip or move. The pad does not require additional flour or grease so that the dough does not stick to the pad, which drastically reduces clutter in the kitchen. The lining is flexible. It can be rolled up for easier transfer of the dough or safe storage of the dough in the refrigerator. Measures for precise dough measurements and precise dough cutting / shaping are plotted on the surface of the substrate. These measures allow the preparation of perfectly shaped pastries.
The measures allow the dough to roll out to the size of a baking tray / baking dish. Cutting the dough on the base protects the work surface from scratches and other damage with sharp objects. The substrate is resistant to high temperatures. This means that the pad with the stored pastries can be transferred to the oven and baked without fear of melting the base. The substrate can be a substitute for baking paper. The substrate is reusable and can be used over and over again.
Silicone Kitchen Baking pad is a household appliance that is washed by hand or in a dishwasher.

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