3 books that can be motivation, inspiration and help in difficult days


The everyday media content that people consume significantly affects their view of the world. Some books can also influence the judgment and opinion of every individual other than the people we are surrounded by and social media. Books can be a life motivation, an inspiration or a reason to continue living. Books allow you to upgrade your personality and broader horizons and can change the way you look at the world.

The Wisdom of Sundays (by Oprah Winfrey) – Oprah Winfrey is a woman who made her career from scratch. Today, Oprah Winfrey is an inspiration and motivation to many. The book “The Wisdom of Sundays” is full of experiences and life truths that can make the reader reconsider the reality. This book helps the reader on the spiritual path and the search for the reason (or purpose) of his being.

Anxiety Happens (by John Forsyth) – 2020 has affected all people on the planet. In recent months, there has been a huge increase in the number of people struggling with anxiety and depression, caused by uncertainty and anxiety. This book presents more than 50 exercises that help the reader to change the “mindset” and focus on some more beautiful moments / events in life leaving anxiety in the past.


The Happiness Project (by Gretchen Rubin) – writer Rubin decided to dedicate a year of her life to understanding the meaning of happiness and finding happiness. The result of the research is this phenomenal book. The book teaches readers to appreciate life and all the people around them and all the opportunities (and troubles) in which people may find themselves. The book combines a series of the writer’s anecdotes, experiences and interviews with different people. The book offers expert recommendations that compel readers to set clear goals in life.




Original source (and book recommendation) : http://www.hercegovina.info

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