A walking stick provides safety and security when walking


Bad weather, wet and slippery sidewalks and roads (after the rainy season) – mean difficulty moving. Difficulty moving is irritating to some people, while it is very dangerous for the elderly population (who have difficulty moving).


10 tips for getting a walking stick:

  1. A good and stable walking stick is suitable for easier and much safer movement.
  2. There are ordinary walking sticks and more modern versions of walking sticks. Today on the market there is a rod with 4 supports.
  3. The walking stick should be firm and easy to use.
  4. A walking stick with 4 supports is more stable than a stick with one support.
  5. The walking stick should be easy to fold.
  6. The rod should have an adjustable height so that it is neither too short nor too high.
  7. A walking stick with 4 supports is required due to the LED light to move during the dark part of the day.
  8. The handle should be firm and covered with a soft non-slip material so as not to create blisters and a feeling of insecurity.
  9. The stick should be good for both women and men.
  10. Movement is safe and secure with a walking stick.



(800) 581-4352

M-F 9am – 5pm. CST
6408 Gholson Rd. • Waco, TX 76705

The United States of America


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