These hand movements mean that the person is in danger and needs your help

Sarah Everard, 33, went missing on March 3, 2021 in south London when she was returning from a visit to friends. Sarah’s dead body was found on March 10th. A police officer has been charged with murder. This case prompted the English public to talk about women’s safety. Many women shared the horrific torture they went through on social media, according to Sky news. Sarah’s body was found last Wednesday – according to Sky news.
Activists and MPs are working to pass a law to protect women from street abuse. There are some internationally recognized ways to do this that only require your own palm.
It is used in cases when the victim, due to the presence of the abuser, cannot verbally ask the interlocutor for help, but can send a visual message. The Women’s Foundation of Canada has designed a sign call for help. It consists of two movements: turning the interlocutor’s palm with a bent thumb and folding with the other four fingers.

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