Alkaline water can be plain water with lemon or lime juice

Neretva river in Herzegovina

Alkaline water is water whose pH value is adjusted to around 8 or 9 which is actually the base. Fill the glass with about 200 ml of water that is not from the tap (because tap water adds chemicals during the purification process). Distilled or filtered water or water purified by reverse osmosis can be used. Add 0.4 grams of sea calcium to the water. PH levels are sensitive and this amount will make a big difference even though it seems like an insignificant amount of sea calcium. Put half a capsule of magnesium complex in water. Stir the water with a spoon or mixing stick. With this method, the individual fights against potential deficiencies of calcium or magnesium in addition to the creation of alkaline water. PH drops that use highly concentrated alkaline minerals can be used to dramatically increase the alkalinity of the liquid. This method is convenient because pH drops can be packed in a bag / backpack and added to any water that is drunk during the day if the person is in constant motion. The cheapest option is to add lemon juice or lime juice to plain water (citrus fruits are sour fruits with minerals that have an alkaline effect on the body. They are used as a quick fix for drinking liquids rather than a permanent solution).
There is no scientific evidence for the health efficacy of alkaline water so there is no recommended dose to use. For people who want to drink alkaline water, it is recommended to start drinking small doses of this water, the intake of which will gradually increase. Drinking water that is too alkaline can be harmful. Researchers who have studied the link between an alkaline diet, alkaline water and cancer have found that an alkaline diet can be harmful (because it encourages people to avoid foods that contain important nutrients). The researchers concluded that the promotion of an alkaline diet and alkaline water for the prevention or treatment of cancer is not justified.
Headaches, exhaustion, fatigue, decreased immunity can be the result of unhealthy habits and bad food and consequently the need for people to “acidify” the body. By cleaning through the lungs and kidneys, the human body tries to maintain the pH balance. When they feel these symptoms people can help the body by using alkaline water. Alkaline water has a higher pH level than ordinary water and is the complete opposite of acidic water (which weakens immunity). Human skin has a normal pH value of somewhere around 5.5 — which is considered slightly acidic. The pH of saliva ranges from about 6.5 to 7.4 slightly varies on both sides of the neutral. The digestive tract contains a pH of about 1.5 to 7.0, depending on the stage of digestion and digestion. For a healthy person, the pH of the blood is 7.35-7.45 – which is a slightly alkaline environment. Through the kidneys and lungs, the human body maintains the necessary balance. Chronic imbalance depletes the body’s strength. The pH value of the water is neutral is around pH7. Gases and chemicals can change this value so the water becomes more acidic or alkaline. Acidic substances have a pH value below 7.0 — all the way to zero. The pH of acetic acid is 3, lemon juice is about 2 pH, and battery acid is about pH1. Alkaline substances have a pH of up to 14, the pH of baking soda is between 8 and 9 while magnesium milk has a pH of 10-11. At pH values, water can be high or low. If this value is too low or too high it can have detrimental effects. Too much alkaline water has a bitter taste and can cause deposits that burden pipes and appliances. Highly acidic water can corrode or even dissolve metals. In recent years, alkaline water has become popular because it is considered beneficial for human health. The body tends to gravitate towards acidity which can weaken immunity. The human body rests on water, so alkaline water is considered beneficial for humans. Due to the modern way of eating and the use of processed foods that include sugar, salt, caffeine and alcohol, most human bodies are too acidic. If the infection in the body becomes too acidic or alkaline healthy cells then they die. This imbalance in pH values ​​- corrosion of tissues. If the overly acidic atmosphere in the body continues to grow then the body deposits excess acidic substances in some parts of the body in an attempt to make it basic. When the acidity continues to increase some cells die while other cells continue to live in the body adapting to the new environment and turning into malignant cells that cause cancer. Malignant cells grow indefinitely and without any order. Over time, they can spread to other parts of the body known as metastases- Cancer cells, on the other hand, cannot be maintained in alkaline water, which is why consuming alkaline water is especially healthy and beneficial.
Alkaline water is important for hydrating the body. The body system more easily absorbs alkaline water which hydrates it and leads to progress. Alkaline water slowly alkalizes the body, i.e. establishes a pH value in the body and maintains it for a long time and has a preventive effect against many health problems. Alkaline water prevents the formation of kidney stones and the development of other diseases related to kidney health and the retention of toxins in the body.

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