10 interesting facts about energy drinks


An energy drink is effective because it reduces stress and provides energy
10 facts about energy drinks (One can per day is the maximum allowed daily intake of energy drinks for an adult.)

  1. Energy drinks reduce appetite and reduce body weight.
  2. Caffeine contained in energy drinks stimulates the brain. Increases mental activity. It awakens the nervous system. Too many doses of caffeine do not have a beneficial effect on people because it can cause tachycardia, nervousness, mental excitement, depression and worsen blood coagulation.
  3. Guarana extract (juice from tropical shrub leaves) also contains too much caffeine.
  4. Ginseng extract in energy drink is useful against stress. Excessive consumption of ginseng drink is the cause of high blood pressure and dizziness.
  5. The body produces the amino acid taurine to activate the processes of excretion of harmful substances. Energy drinks contain synthetic taurine, which exceeds the allowed daily norm several times.
  6. Glucuronolactone is a metabolite of glucose in the human body. In energy drinks, the concentration of this glucose metabolite is 500 times higher than the daily norm.
  7. L-carnitine is a substance that can be taken into the body through diet and can be synthesized in the body. In large quantities, this substance forces the cellular system to work under a forced regime. This leads to the creation of harmful substances that harm the body.
  8. Vitamins contained in most energy drinks exceed the allowed daily norm several times.
  9. The energy that people get from energy drinks changes quickly for fatigue. After the onset of fatigue, insomnia and depression occur, as well as a sudden drop in blood sugar and blood pressure.
  10. The combination of energy drinks with alcohol is a special kind of danger for the organism. One can per day is the maximum allowed daily intake of energy drinks for an adult. Frequent use of energy drinks is a certain danger to the body. Every person should be moderate in consuming these drinks.


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