9 easy ways to relieve headaches

9 ways to relieve headaches

  1. Writing down the details of the onset of the headache — Writing down the details of the onset of the headache on a daily basis helps to better understand the cause of the headache (changes in weather, stress, alcohol, smoking, waking up early, etc.). You can write the details in pencil in a notebook or on a smartphone. Headache triggers are varied and very individual.
  2. Breathing exercises – these exercises help to establish calmness in uncomfortable situations and the disappearance of nervousness caused by any event.
  3. Physical activity is always important – daily efforts of lower intensity are useful for reducing headaches (running lightly, yoga, walking).
  4. Water is essential — eliminate the feeling of thirst that can cause headaches. Excessive consumption of tea and coffee causes dehydration.
  5. Alcohol is not desirable – a dark alcoholic beverage (red wine, whiskey, cognac) acts stronger than a light beverage. Some data say that individual sensitivity to alcohol is more important than the color of the alcoholic beverage. Alcohol leads to dehydration of the body which can be a cause of headaches.
  6. Proper diet – a drop in blood glucose levels affects some people and can cause headaches. You should not miss meals but have more small meals during the day.
  7. Fresh air is important — physical activity and staying in the fresh air improves brain function and circulation.
  8. Excessive loads can be a cause of headaches-overwork, hours of physical exertion without rest, can be causes of headaches. It is especially important that women avoid excessive physical exertion during the menstrual cycle.
  9. Living in harmony with your personal biological clock – try to harmonize sleep and waking so that it is at the same time every morning and evening. Make a daily schedule aligned with your own chronotype. Chronic insomnia and going to bed too late can be the cause of somatic diseases, which increases the probability of depression.


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