The famous Bulgarian prophetess Baba Vanga left behind a rich prophetic legacy and a wealth of advice

  1. Always eat and drink from whole and intact plates and cups. That way you will keep good energy and happiness in the home.
  2. Place a few metal bills (coins) in a lonely corner to prevent happiness and well-being from leaving your home.
  3. Place elderberry branches above the front door, which protects against negative influences.
  4. Give crusts of bread and crumbs that are left over from lunch or dinner to the birds – so happiness will enter the home.
  5. Never brag about your happiness, and especially don’t do it in front of a stranger. Their jealousy can do harm to your life.
  6. Do not keep a broken or cracked mirror in the house. It steals happiness. That subject has no place in the home.
  7. Carry money in your wallet – never crumpled in your pockets. This will help you achieve well-being.

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