6 healthy habits to maintain a normal body temperature

Whimsical weather conditions, but also frequent and sudden changes in temperature, are almost a normal occurrence in the world today. Due to a few healthy habits, any individual can maintain a normal body temperature instead of a constant feeling of tiredness and lethargy.

  1. Make meals more nutritious and regular – whole grains, legumes, root vegetables in the form of porridge, stews and vegetable compounds are a great choice for breakfast and any other meal during the day.
  2. Sugar has an adverse effect on the body — that adverse effect cools the body in an unhealthy way. It slows down circulation.
  3. Make sure that the rooms in which people stay are suitably and moderately cooled – liquid in any form, including water, is otherwise less used by people during the winter. The rooms where people stay in the winter are often too hot so people sweat more. When exposed to cold air, the body loses fluid in an effort to maintain an optimal temperature.
  4. Alcoholic beverages cool the body-correct alcohol stimulates the feeling of warmth. The heat is then lost. Other caffeinated beverages ultimately have the same effect. Caffeine initially raises energy, followed by a drop in energy, and sometimes hypothermia and fatigue. Doctors and medical experts advise that one should be moderate with coffee and alcoholic beverages.
  5. Body temperature is maintained with sleep — otherwise the body produces less heat when a person is awake. Seven hours of night rest is desirable. it is better to have a warmer blanket than to be in an overheated room, say experts for healthy sleep. the optimal temperature in the bedroom is 15 to 18 degrees C. The optimum humidity is 50% to 60%.
  6. Movement in the fresh air is important — because of prolonged sitting during the winter, circulation is weakened and the feeling of warmth is weaker. already with 10 minutes of morning exercise a positive change is achieved. activities in the fresh air and natural light have the most beneficial effect on the body. recreation, hiking and any form of outdoor activity gives an excellent effect on the body and thus regulates body temperature.


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