Puzzles are one of the best forms of rest for the nerves


It is a known fact that during the pandemic period, interest in all kinds of board games and puzzles increased significantly. The puzzles are especially interesting because children and adults can have fun with this hobby. This type of entertainment is a form of rest for the nerves.
Popular Danish toy manufacturer Lego has announced that by 2030 it will replace conventional plastic with a plant-based version. In Lego sets of stacking cubes, the share of bio-plastic cubes obtained by processing organically grown sugar cane is increasing. Danish creatives from the Lego manufacturer have designed sets for adults. A more recent example from 2021 is the “Flower Bouquet” set. Each such set contains elements for making flower arrangements that promote sustainability. The flowers in the set never wither and these flowers do not need water unlike a fresh bouquet of flowers. Lego Botanical Collection contains 2 popular sets Flower Bouquet and Bonsai Tree (set for making bonsai trees).








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