10 reasons why hiking is a great hobby for all age groups

10 reasons why hiking is a great hobby for all age groups

  1. Hiking is a wonderful hobby that people can pursue anytime and anywhere on their own or in company. Hiking can be a psychological challenge to people or a kind of struggle with loneliness.
  2. Hiking is most often chosen by nature lovers, environmental activists, athletes and people who love walking, nature and walking. Staying in the mountains means a somewhat harmonious life with nature through which people better understand the importance of nature and the environment.
  3. Hiking is always a unique experience that changes and enlightens people. Hiking is a form of adventure, fun and sports activities.
  4. Hiking or hiking allows you to discover hidden nooks and unusual but beautiful places and locations.
  5. Hikers use hiking routes to get to know the flora and fauna of a certain locality better and have the opportunity to see “live” many plant and animal species that they have only seen in newspapers, books, pictures or TV.
  6. People meet and adapt to various weather conditions and conditions (for example, several days of heavy rains and winds, snowstorms, unbearable heat, foggy days, etc.) and sudden temperature jumps. The body acquires immunity very quickly.
  7. In addition to exhausting and physically strenuous climbing and descending and exhausting weather conditions, hiking is a sport that offers a broadening of horizons, opens a view of unknown places and beautiful landscapes. People know their own limits so they are not put in danger. People become more responsible towards themselves and learn to be a good society and realize true life in solitude.
  8. Hiking offers sunrises and sunsets, various unusual events, encounters with animals, happiness but sometimes frustrations. Conquering mountain peaks gives feelings of fear, joy and delight.
  9. Hiking offers wandering in forests and meadows, ie getting to know high and low locations.
  10. Hiking is a great hobby for all people who want to explore, meet their own personality in unusual and even extreme situations of loneliness and homelessness, but also other people-hikers or lovers of nature and the environment.


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