Crystals contribute to greater peace, tranquility and a more pleasant atmosphere of every home

Crystals are decorative objects. They also contribute to greater peace, tranquility, a more pleasant atmosphere and harmonization in every business space and any room of the home.

Amethyst-is a crystal of protection, selflessness, nobility, spiritual awareness, meditation, balance and inner spirit. This spirit stone brings peace and harmony to every space. Be intuitive and clear. Strengthens memory and concentration. It reduces fears and cures headaches. Develops mental abilities. It has an antidepressant effect. It reduces sadness and pain. Protects the mind from psychosis. Amethyst is a stone that regulates the secretion of hormones, cleanses the blood, regulates blood pressure, protects the heart, calms the nervous system, treats hearing disorders, and has a beneficial effect on the digestive system. Amethyst has a relaxing effect on people. It allows easy sleep. Amethyst cleanses pores and skin and improves hair growth.
Pink quartz awakens tender emotions in people, heals the heart, relieves emotional problems, awakens the joy of life, encourages fidelity and love, strengthens the sense of beauty. This crystal helps to establish emotional balance, love, calmness, forgiveness, kindness and self-esteem. With this stone, people more easily endure loss, stress, hurt, fear, anger and resentment. This stone helps in case of a weaker organism, fatigue, low blood pressure. Relieves emotional and mental problems. Because it encourages love for oneself and others, this stone is called the stone of love. It teaches people to give and receive love more easily. Rose quartz has a healing effect on the whole body especially the heart and bloodstream. It provides a more beautiful complexion, regenerates the skin and prevents wrinkles.
Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone with inspiring effects. It brings happiness, good health and friendship. It strengthens feelings of self-confidence and love. Tourmaline can appear in almost all colors. Some tourmalines have specific parallel ridges that extend the entire length of the crystal. Reef energy can be very powerful. They help neutralize energy blockages caused by stress and confusion. It brings peace and clarity. Tourmaline strengthens the nervous system. Nerves supply organs, tissues and glands with vital energy, so tourmaline is important for the whole organism. This crystal strengthens the heart, heals the skin and regulates blood circulation. Black tourmaline is especially useful against harmful electromagnetic radiation.
Rock crystal has an intuitive and spiritual effect on people. It has strong healing properties. This is the stone of the Sun, i.e. the most powerful stone with the greatest healing powers for health, happiness and well-being. Strengthens the energy of other crystals. It has the ability to accept other crystals and serves as a replacement crystal. It amplifies crystals. It can send and receive energy. It balances the energy in the body bringing emotional clarity and purity of heart.
Jade is known as the stone of happiness, prosperity and longevity. It brings peace because it frees people from negative thoughts. It brings wisdom and balance. It calms nervousness and emotions caused by fear. It brings a long and fruitful life. Jade allows the truth to be learned in all situations. Jade makes everything in life possible and achievable. It helps people realize their dreams and desires. He puts life situations in the right perspective. It suggests people’s focus on real situations. It strengthens confidence, self-confidence, contentment and encourages self-confidence. Jade has a beneficial effect on the heart, kidneys, liver, adrenal glands, spleen, thymus. Strengthens immunity. Pure blood. Normalizes blood pressure. It helps the skeletal system, the hips. Reduces wrinkles. It helps to make wishes come true. Softens and tightens the skin.
Citrine-helps people achieve wealth and success. That is why this stone is called the stone of success and abundance. It brings happiness and optimism. This is a stone of hope, youth, health and fidelity. Citrine is a powerful conditioner and cleanser. Stimulates digestion, pancreas and spleen. Strengthens circulation. This is one of the few crystals that never needs cleaning. Citrine disperses, absorbs, transforms and grounding negative energy.
The tiger’s eye is a type of semi-precious stone that strengthens personal willpower. Strengthens security and self-esteem. It helps with travel. It brings material prosperity. This is a stone of protection and grounding. Increases determination, alertness, courage, patience. It brings happiness. Be people’s inner resources to achieve the goal. This stone is an emotional harmonizer.
Moonstone-stimulates female energy and intuition. Be sensitive and clairvoyant. It brings happiness and emotional balance. Supports the youthful appearance of people. Strengthens psychic abilities. Instead of emotional repression, this stone brings emotions under the control of the will. The moonstone balances the heart and mind. It harmonizes the hormonal system, pituitary gland and metabolism. During the full moon period, this stone can cause lucid dreams.
Aventurine-attracts abundance and wealth. This semi-precious stone gives comfort and prosperity. Relieves emotional pressure, pain and stress. Reduces anger and nervousness., Balances emotions. It helps people keep their composure in tense situations. It helps in making the right decisions. Heals fear and determination.

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