Crystals have a special meaning and purpose other than decoration

Crystals have always had some magical and divine properties. They were used in rituals to defend against negativity. They were used for magical purposes. Crystals have always been used in the forms of jewelry and amulets that protect and heal people. Many religions have a positive attitude towards crystals. Indian philosophy links crystals to the energy centers in man and the seven basic chakras. The crystals have multiple uses for therapeutic, healing, decorative and decorative purposes, as well as elements for energy stimulation and cleansing.
An integral part of energy or vibration medicine is crystal therapy. This is an alternative form of treatment. It is based on the idea that everything that exists has energy that is constantly flowing and circulating. This living pulse has everything that people can notice with their eyes and touch with their hands. Awareness of the existence of these energies and energy flows helps people in general to balance the flow of life energy within the human body. Crystals essentially help healing because they allow positive healing energy to reach the human body. At the same time, the crystals help the negative energy that can be the cause of the imbalance to come out of the body. Crystals mean they enable the balance of life energy in the body. People are healthy, vital and strong when life energy is well and properly balanced.
The therapist places the crystals at certain points on the body according to the crystal therapy. The therapist places crystals on the main energy points, of which there are a total of seven at the level of the human energy system. The crystals are then placed elsewhere around the body depending on the basic idea and treatment. This treatment can be activation of the whole system, solving an acute problem, achieving balance in the body, starting energy, removing barricades and the like. The client, therapist and mediator (crystal) participate in the healing. The mental hygiene of the therapist is important. Crystals strengthen energy and thus strengthen good or bad subconscious intentions. The conditions that a therapist should have are good concentration, openness, honesty and kindness.

  1. Crystals in the home strengthen the pleasant atmosphere, contributing to peace and tranquility. They have a decorative role because they are used to decorate rooms.
  2. Each crystal radiates a certain energy and has a specific impact on the user. The user should choose the crystals according to the wishes and requirements.
  3. In Feng Shui philosophy there is a so-called “crystal tree”. With the right combination of crystals on wood, the desired vibrations in the home are achieved.
  4. Crystal (energy) bracelets are also a desirable item to wear on your hands. By choosing the right crystal, an individual bracelet is obtained. The crystals vibrate and transmit vibrations to the body via a pulse. The recommendation is 3 out of 5 types of crystals on one bracelet and wood. These are mainly combinations with amethyst, rose quartz, black tourmaline, rock crystal, jade, tiger’s eye, citrine, moonstone and aventurine.
  5. After purchasing or purchasing crystals, the crystals should be properly cleaned regardless of the shape of the crystal (jewelry or stone). There is physical and energy cleansing. Physical cleaning is first performed if the crystals are physically soiled with earth or limestone. Then the energy cleansing is done. The crystals receive a portion of the energy from all previous owners (finder, processor, trader, previous owner, etc.). One of the crystal energy cleaning techniques frees the crystal from bad vibrations. Fill the crystal with positive energy. The same procedure is in the application of crystals for all healing processes. The crystals get dirty and need to be cleaned after each use. The crystals can be cleaned with water containing sea salt. The crystals can be cleaned under a simple stream of water.
  6. Jewelry due to metal parts can be cleaned by burying it in the ground or a container with rice. This type of jewelry can be cleaned with incense or smoke from inflamed fragrant plants.
  7. The crystals should be recharged after cleaning. This is achieved by exposing yourself to at least 2 hours of daylight but never directly to the sun.

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