Elena Ferrante, Gary John Bishop and Mark Allen


Elena Ferrante, Gary John Bishop and Mark Allen
Troubling Love (by Elena Ferrante) -Delia embarks on an exciting odyssey after her mother’s untimely death. Delia travels the chaotic and stuffy streets of her native Naples in search of the truth about her own family. Reality is buried in the fertile ground of memory. Delia therefore digs deep to find out about the mysterious events that led to her mother’s death. Delia therefore reconstructs her mother’s last days prompted by a series of anonymous phone calls. Each new discovery forces Delia to realize that her mother was not the person Delia thought she was. The protagonist returns to her roots and childhood in Naples to discover the truth and unravel the knot of lies, passions and memories related to her mother. http://www.elenaferrante.com
The Magical Path (by Mark Allen) – Mark Allen did not attend a business course at the beginning of his career. He simply randomly, disorganizedly, sluggishly and intuitively researched books on Western magic. This is how the writer explains the beginnings of his own literary work. In these books, the writer finds tools that turn a writer from a poor man into a multi-millionaire and help him create one of the most successful publishing companies in the country. In this book, Marc Allen introduces readers to helper tools. The tools are efficient, easy to apply. They include affirmations, visualizations, and guided meditation that can miraculously change the course of every reader’s life. Allen calls tools “magic” – because they are powerful and simple. The tools are by no means esoteric but simple ways in which each person can improve and enhance life and ways of living.
UNFU * K Yourself (by Gary John Bishop) is a direct manual in which Gary John Bishop offers all readers the necessary advice to break the shackles that hold them back. Bishop emphasizes that every person can awaken a miracle in himself because every person is a miracle of a human being.




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