Today, more people are engaged in the production of natural cosmetics in the household

Today, more and more people are engaged in making natural cosmetics at home. Manufacturers of natural cosmetics try to keep the image of authenticity, honesty and care towards customers and all potential users of natural products. There are certain criteria by which natural cosmetics differ from conventional cosmetics. The definition of natural cosmetics depends on the personal values ​​of the attitudes. When a person is a vegetarian then the natural ingredients of this person’s cosmetics will be of vegan origin. For other non-vegetarians, the ingredients of the product will be natural but including ingredients of animal origin (for example, beeswax and sheep’s wool lanolin). Otherwise, beeswax and lanolin are great for natural home-made lip balms. It is desirable that the ingredients of natural products be varied, including ingredients from plants and animals, without causing any harm to the animals.
Recently, small local cosmetics manufacturers have been in high demand as they are always available for questions and exchange of views. The radical need for transparent information probably stems from the food industry and growing consumer awareness. Sometimes small cosmetics manufacturers even offer various types of education. It is important that the customer knows the full composition of a product. Awareness creates healthy habits in customers and a symbiosis between customers and local cosmetics brand. Quality and trust are paramount. An average consumer needs to know which product is appropriate and to have ongoing support, additional education on new ingredients, knowledge of important information and the ability to solve a potential problem.

When it comes to skincare or makeup one of most popular natural cosmetics brands in Pakistan are: the Pakistani cosmetic brands Medora and Saeed Ghani.


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