An individual contribution to waste reduction can begin today

“Textile Bread” is a container of the humanitarian association ADRA where used clothes can be left

Today, the world is ruled by the “age of plastics” after the Stone Age and the Bronze Age. The European Plastics Federation says world-class plastic production has increased from 245 tonnes over a 10-year period to 345 tonnes. Today, for example, in Europe, packaging represents 40% of demand. Today in stores we can see bananas, cucumbers, salads and other fruits and vegetables wrapped in plastic wrap, although until recently it was inconceivable. Plastic is the perfect packaging material. Plastic is light and cheap and easily takes various forms. However, this mass use of plastic in all its forms has consequences. We know that in 1959 the Swedish engineer Sten Gustaf Thulin invented a plastic bag in an effort to prevent the use of paper bags and thus reduce deforestation. The purpose of the present invention is a lightweight and flexible item that can be easily placed in any pocket and used multiple times. Today we are witnessing a changed situation.
Plastic production is associated with the economic situation of a country. The richer the country, the more inhabitants resort to one-time and comfortable solutions and larger purchases. This in turn leads to an even greater amount of waste. Every year, between 4 and 12 million tons of plastic travel by river to reach the ocean. So today there is a so-called “plastic island” in the Pacific Ocean because the surface of the water is covered with garbage so much that it reaches 3 surfaces of France. Each individual can start with small steps and greatly contribute to the reduction of waste accumulation over time.

  1. Instead of plastic food bags — we use canvas bags.
  2. Instead of a plastic bottle — we use an aluminum bottle.
  3. Instead of buying bread and pastries in a plastic bag – we use a paper pastry bag.
  4. Sometimes ask the saleswoman to put the cheese in her own bowl from the customer.
  5. Purchase of nuts, seeds and spices in a health food store.
    The recent emergence of the Zero Waste movement on the world stage has the main idea of ​​treating waste responsibly. With such small steps and procedures that are mostly free, each person can contribute to reducing waste accumulation and thus reducing pollution of rivers, seas, oceans, land and landfills. One of the main initiators of the idea of ​​reducing waste was Bea Johnson, an American and French activist, although the idea generally existed earlier. During the move, Ms. Bea realized how many unnecessary and accumulated items she had in her possession. She wanted to make family life a better and richer experience. Bea tried to find alternative products without packaging. A few years ago Loreen Singer became a follower of Mrs. Bea. Loreen promoted the idea of ​​reducing waste and this way of life among millennials. On the platform TED Talks is explained that in a few years she left behind only a jar of waste.
    Zero Waste activists have a key idea that requires every person to ask themselves whether they really need some items or not. Zero waste activists believe that going shopping with their own bins can make a significant difference. This, of course, is not always feasible. Sometimes just choosing between two products can give a positive effect. The main idea of ​​the Zero waste movement is to reduce waste, reuse certain products and recycle. It is also good to discover some new ways to reduce waste, carbon footprint and ingenious ideas useful to the whole environment and the general public. New ideas and changing habits require a little effort and perseverance from each person. The fact is that the Zero Waste movement in the world every day has more and more fans and enthusiasts who love and apply these ideas.



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