Face masks have a beneficial effect on the appearance of the skin because they contain a therapeutic effect


A nourishing face mask has a beneficial effect on the appearance of the skin. Masks usually contain very concentrated active ingredients. The mask has a therapeutic effect because it gives a feeling of a relaxing experience and an instant feeling of a kind of reinvention. The first homemade masks were made in India 5000 years ago in a home craft. The women then put a combination of aloe vera, medicinal roots and seasonal flowers on their faces.
Today, there is a really huge selection of masks on the market, each mask does an “upgrade” of the skin. The mask usually gives the necessary boost to the skin after about 10 minutes of holding it on the face, restoring beauty and freshness. The progress of the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries has also spawned a large number of subtypes of masks for all skin needs. The most commonly used are anti-age masks (with hyaluronic acid, shea butter, vitamin E and coenzyme Q10), energizing masks (aloe vera, calendula, vitamin C, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10, clay, ground coffee or papaya) and moisturizing masks ( vegetable milk, ginger, kumquat, etc.).


For facial radiance – choose a mask with vitamin C.
For irritated skin – choose a mask that contains aloe vera
For skin rejuvenation – choose a mask with hyaluronic acid.
Dermatologists and beauticians recommend that masks be used at least twice a week for maximum effect.




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