Mini tomatoes can be planted in pots on any balcony

Mini tomatoes can be planted in pots on any balcony
Gardening expert Charlie Nardozzi believes that a perfect tomato can be planted and grown on any balcony.

  1. Planting conditions are important – larger self-watering pots are suitable for growing plants. These are pots with a built-in water tank. Then place the pots in a sunnier place on the balcony. It takes 6 to 8 hours of sunlight a day.
  2. The choice of seedlings is important – it is convenient to plant tomatoes for climates where the night temperature is above 10 ° C for a long time. Nardozzi recommends cherry tomatoes that give birth all year round. It is recommended to include all color variants – yellow, red, purple and green. For more fruits, choose one of the early varieties or varieties of tomatoes that bear fruit several times throughout the year.
  3. Plant nutrition is important — compost or organic fertilizer should be added to the plants every few weeks. Connect the tomato that has bent to the ground to the stem or place a support (for example plastic beams).
  4. Pruning plants should be regular – this is important because otherwise there will be a lot of leaves and some fruit. Remove young newly grown branches on existing tomato branches. The plant then directs the energy directly to the fruit and not to the new green parts.
  5. In the fall, remove the last fruits before the appearance of the first frost – if these fruits have started to ripen, this process ends by keeping these fruits in a plastic bag. Fully green fruits can be used for eating (salsa).

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